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How to set up your home office

If a flexible working schedule is now on your horizon, you might have noticed you need a suitable space to work in while at home. If you have decided you need to set up a home office, here are a few tips to help you utilise your space and make a functional working zone.

Creating the right environment

There are a few important factors that don’t always come to mind when setting up office space.

Good lighting is essential for a multitude of reasons; natural light improves our mood and makes us happier, and bright lighting improves our alertness and productivity. If you can position your desk near a window this is also a good way to access fresh air, which can help with concentration. Also invest in a variety of different light sources to avoid eye strain, such as a desk light and a floor lamp.

Add stimulating colours such as purples and reds to your office to inspire the imagination, as bright colours might cause headaches, and cool tones might evoke too much relaxation. You can do this easily by painting a wall or framing some artwork. Another way to incorporate colour and nature is by adding greenery and placing a few plants around the room.

Comfort and ergonomics will improve your home office and are worth the investment. A good ergonomic chair and desk can prevent you from having health issues down the line, as suffering from neck and back pains are more common than you think.

Utilising storage and space

No matter how big or small your home office is, making the most out of storage space will enable it to be practical and clutter-free. If you are installing shelving and cabinets, make sure to use the right equipment and assemble any furniture with an impact driver to ensure it is secured safely. This is a great way to utilise vertical space and create a sense of height in the room.

Consider space for all the technology and devices you might need. From a Wi-Fi router to bulkier object such as a printer and shredder, these all need a home in your office.

Although not stylish, using filing cabinets and folders are the most functional way to organise your documents. There are many creative and fun ways to use household objects for organisation too, such as pegs for your board or mugs for pen pots.

Getting the right mindset

Lastly, it is important to remember to separate your workspace from your home. Keeping these two distinct zones is the most effective way to switch off during your personal time and be more productive in your work time.