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How to prepare your garden for later life

Gardening can be a wonderfully calming and rewarding hobby, ideal for anyone of any age. But what better time to enjoy this relaxing pastime than retirement? With benefits including helping to boost the immune system, improving mood and increased focus to name but a few, there’s no wonder so many people like to have their own little patch of greenery to tend to in later life.

Being less mobile as you become older doesn’t mean you need to give up on your interest. If you’re serious about gardening and keen on transforming your land into something a bit more accessible, equity release could help provide the funds for some useful improvements. Take a look at these top tips to prepare your space and keep you caring for your shrubs for years to come.

Low maintenance plants

Choosing easy to care for plants and shrubbery will take the pressure off, particularly in those colder months when you might not want to be outside in all weathers. Select those which need minimal maintenance such as hardy geraniums or seasonal bulbs such as daffodils.

Create wide and stable paths

Make sure your access routes are safe and sturdy to prevent any trip hazards and try to keep pathways clear of overhanging trees or plants that could get in the way. When creating new paths, think about the greenery you need to attend to regularly and provide easy access to this.

Use raised beds

Raised beds allow for easy reach when tending to plants as well as a more comfortable gardening position. You can get these custom-made to suit your garden and the type of plants you keep or choose ready-built if your space is more flexible.

Specialist gardening tools and equipment

If you suffer from arthritis or another joint condition, it could be painful to use certain gardening tools. But there is specialist ergonomic equipment available which makes it easier and more comfortable to grip handles on tools such as trowels and shears. Extended reach tools also make lighter work of those taller plants.

You might find it works to use a chair when watering or planting your vegetation to prevent unnecessary back, knee or shoulder strain.

Reduce your lawn size

A smaller patch of grass means less mowing and less maintenance, making your garden easier to look after and keep looking it’s best. Why not create a feature in place of a large patch such as a water fountain, ornament or bird feeder for a unique focal point?

However you choose to design your easily-accessible garden, think about what works for you and how you can get the most out of your green space.