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Easy Plants to Get Your Kids Interested in Gardening

Do you have children who are beginning to develop a green thumb? Being able to garden is a skill that they will be able to carry the rest of their lives, and it can be used in many situations. Whether you have just a windowsill in an apartment or a massive vegetable garden, knowing how to take care of plants is key. Here are some of the best plants you can use to get your kids interested in gardening.


A sunflower is a classic that everyone should try to grow at some point in their childhood. These beautiful yellow flowers are the favourite of many, simply for their happy faces and their ability to turn to face the sun.

They are a great choice for kids because they are easy to grow. You have to pot it and make sure that it is left in a place where it can get plenty of sun and watering – whether this is through your efforts or rain. Kids will enjoy tracking the height of their sunflowers as they grow – just remember to stake it if it reaches 3ft or higher or it might topple over under the weight of its own head.


Zinnias are some of the easiest flowers to grow and they will add a beautiful sprinkling of color to any flower bed. With the right planter, you could very easily make a kids garden of zinnia flowers that they can tend themselves.

Zinnias are also a fantastic choice for kids to take care of because they are non-toxic to dogs and cats. This means that you can let your children look after these plants on their own. If the planter gets left on the floor in your home, you won’t have to worry about your pets ingesting them and potentially making themselves ill.


Want a little more of a challenge than just flowers? Tomatoes are a great choice if you want to try growing produce with your children. It can be done entirely inside, and then the tomatoes you grow could be used in your cooking, allowing you to work on another skill with your children.

Make sure that you choose a breed of tomato that is easy to take care of and choose a corner of your home that is bright and sheltered. Whether this is a conservatory, a porch, or just a south-facing window, there will be a perfect corner of your home to grow your plants from.

These are three of the easiest plants to grow with your children. Once you have conquered them, you could potentially move on to growing something that needs a little more attention. It is a great way to encourage an interest in science in your children and give them tangible results that they can track themselves. There is always a new type of plant to grow and a way in which you can build your children’s skills in this discipline. Get into gardening today!