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5 Best Tips to Create a Modern Living Room

Clean lines, sleek furnishings, and neutral colours are what usually come to mind when you think of modern home design. But as a fresh and progressive style, it also favours self-expression, even if that requires breaking a few rules. Being minimal and versatile also means it can work in any interior space, no matter what the overall style is. Whether you’re an avid modernist, or if you prefer a mash-up of hybrid styles, there are many avenues you can take to create an exquisite and functional space. We’ve rounded up some of our best tips to guide you in designing a modern living room that feels right for you. We also show you how to take advantage of HomeByMe’s free 3D floor planner to achieve a fresh and elevated living room, designed by you.

Create Visual Interest with Grand Focal Features

Modernism and minimalism go hand in hand. By having less, you learn to love and appreciate more of what you have. However, to prevent your space from appearing cold or mundane, there should be at least a grand focal feature or two to keep it interesting. This could include a marble fireplace, a prominent piece of artwork, or a few large, lush plants to add a touch of vibrancy to your space.

Use 3D Tech to Experiment with Modern Living Room Ideas

You don’t have to leave your vision and ideas up to your imagination. Use a 3D floor planner to experiment with numerous modern living room ideas to see what you like. HomeByMe’s advanced platform lets you plan out your design using realistic illustrations so you can see how your ideas will take shape in your home. All you have to do is sign up for a free account and you can get started right away. You’ll begin drawing the outline of your living room and setting the correct measurements. Then, select any materials, furnishings, or décor you want. Just click, drag, and drop to view and position each item in your 3D virtual space. From modern sofas to coffee tables to rugs, it’s all available for you to unleash your creativity. To gain a real-life perspective of your design, you can even take a virtual tour of your living room and save high-res pics to use as your blueprint.

Choose Natural Materials for Modern Living Room Decor

Natural and organic materials don’t have to be reserved for bohemian styles. They invite so much depth, texture, and warmth indoors for all styles. They’re also ideal for softening out those clean-cut lines that are akin to modern interiors. Bamboo, leather, rattan, and seagrass are just a few examples of natural materials to look for when choosing modern living room décor. And if you plan on adding a few wooden items, try to look for the FSC logo to ensure the products are sustainably sourced.

Balance Neutrals with a Splash of Colour

Just like minimalism, neutrals are a key characteristic of modern design. Thus, they should serve as the base palette. However, this doesn’t mean your living room has to be void of colour. A blush pink sofa, bold ochre chair or a few pastel colours peppered throughout, can warm up stark white walls and make your living room feel cosy.

Use Lighter Furniture for Small Living Rooms

Having less space generally means your furnishings should be able to serve a variety of purposes or at least be shuffled around easily to accommodate your needs. Therefore, lighter furniture is best suited for small living rooms. When you’re out hunting for furnishings, opt for a two-seater sofa or side chairs that can be moved and rearranged in a pinch.

Modern interior design is focused on simplicity and function, where every item serves a purpose. With these ideas in mind, you can liberally experiment with your design using HomeByMe’s 3D floor planner. Whether you want a formal sitting area or prefer something informal and relaxed, you can create the perfect modern living room for your lifestyle.