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3 Incredible Ideas for Creating an Outdoor Space of Your Dreams

There are many trendy pieces of furniture out there now to help you decorate the interior and exterior of your home to your liking.

From backyard swings to tree trunk tables to IPE decking, here are 3 incredible ideas for creating an outdoor space of your dreams.

Get a Backyard Swing

It’s relaxing to sit on a backyard swing during the spring and summer months as the gentle breeze passes you by. Couple that with gently swinging on it and you have a great way to destress during your day off or after a long day of work
While simplistic in nature, a backyard swing will create the outdoor space of your dreams not just for your own personal self-comfort, but also for when you have family and friends over. Everyone can take turns relaxing on the swing during the occasion whether to talk to another person at the gathering or to enjoy a bite to eat.

Tree Trunk Tables

Consider one of Hardwood Discount’s tree trunk tables to impress your family and friends at the next gathering you host at home in the spring or summer. Its unique craftsmanship and high-quality presentation will have your guests asking where you purchased your table.

Depending on the thickness that you purchase (3 cm, 4 cm, 6 cm, or 8 cm thickness options), it will determine its overall stability. More thickness means more stability to hold up more weight if you are dishing out a buffet style meal or if you are using the tree trunk table as a gift table with multiple heavy presents sitting on there.

There are not only larger tables for entertaining guests, but there are smaller tree trunk tables for furnishing your home. Utilize one as your coffee table in your living room or as a side table in your bedroom.

Jatoba, Pedra, and Tatajuba are the types of woods from South America that are used to make these tree trunk tables which are great for interior use. If you do decide to use it for an outdoor party, be sure to take it inside or cover it up before a rain storm to preserve its lifespan.

IPE Decking

Browse IPE decking | Hardwood Discount for ideas on decorating your outdoor space. It’s trendy because of how the wooden slats of the decking are strategically and rustically placed on your deck or patio to make for a more upscale and impressive look for when you have guests over.

IPE decking has many benefits for it to stand the test of time. IPE materials are made especially to be water resistant. Hence, when it rains, the water will not easily mold or dry rot the wood. Since water will not be lodged into the decking,

IPE decking also has a similar fire rating to that of concrete and steel. If your local area has stringent mandates about not having fire hazards in your backyard, this type of decking will align with those mandates. Plus, if your home has a fire emergency, the deck will not catch fire and burn away.


Building the outdoor space of your dreams does not have to be complicated. Pair the furniture pieces that mean the most to you and so that you’re able to enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest!