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Unique and imaginative storage ideas and various way to sort out storage problems.

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and Imaginative Wall Storage Ideas!

by Pamela Cole Harris

Everyone can use more organization in their lives (except those misguided
souls who alphabetize their spices, canned goods and color-coordinate their
laundry supplies!).

Additional wall storage can help bring that organization
into your home and original and unusual wall storage ideas can help
organization ideas become décor pizzazz!

Here are some ideas to get you

1. If you have

old fruit crates or soda pop crates, attach them to the wall
to become a wonderful storage unit to display books or knicknacks. You can
paint the units to match your décor or leave the original labels and wood
to create a rustic and unusual centerpiece of your room.

Do you have an

old garden bench or one of those wooden benches which are
frequently beside dining tables or in entry halls? Try attaching it upside
down on the wall. Use the shelf created by the bench top to display
collections. Just think of using a white distressed bench as a shelf for
teddy bears in a child’s room.


Old wooden hangers can make beautiful storage units for jewelry, ties,
and even shoes.

Paint the hangers a solid color and let dry. Then add
decorative touches such as hand-painted flowers or stripes.

Or wrap the
hangers with strips of fabric using glue to adhere the strips to the wood.
When the hanger is completely wrapped, cover with a decoupage finish.

to the wall with painted or plain hooks.

Want a wonderful idea for

towel storage in a bathroom

Try attaching a
window box or planter to the wall and fill with folded towels and
washcloths, soaps or creams. Add trim and paint to make a unique storage

Need an easily accessible place to

store your pots and pans

Attach a narrow wrought iron curtain rod with decorative finials to the
wall. You can hang the pans from S-hooks which are hooked over the rod.
A great idea!

Use your own imagination to turn everyday objects into storage areas. You
might come up with the perfect solution to your organization needs.

Hmmm…any ideas for storing the 20 years back issues of “Better Homes
and Gardens”?

to solve storage problems