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How to maximise space – making the best of a small room

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Tiny Room? How To Maximize Your Space


can’t all have large expansive rooms in our homes. If you live in a small
home, chance are most of your rooms will be on the tiny side. It can be
frustrating to decorate within the constraints of small rooms, but there are
ways to maximize any small space in your home to its full potential.

dealing with small rooms, focus on light colors. Dark colors will make the
room feel closed in, so attempt to paint in neutrals or light tones.  White,
cream, light taupe, or icy blue go well in small rooms. 

Maximize the incoming light from your windows by avoiding heavy window

White blinds are a better choice if you need privacy, but you can
also add protective film to the glass for privacy rather than hang a blind. 

If you don’t favor blinds, sheer white or white cotton curtains will also
lighten up your space.

photo of small room

faced with decorating a small room, many would choose a minimal amount of
furniture. While you don’t need to avoid buying the pieces you’d like, you
should find inventive ways to use them. When choosing a couch, focus on
solid colors. If possible, choose a couch color that is very similar to your
wall color. Your eye will flow over both your couch and your walls, and
create the illusion of a larger space. Rather than have your television in a
large armoire or TV stand, hand it on the walls on a moveable arm. If you
display photos around the television, it will blend in when not turned on. 

pieces for your home, such as cupboards, coffee tables, and kitchen tables
should be lightwood as opposed to dark.  Dark wood gives off a larger feel
than light.

white kitchen cupboardsIf you have the
opportunity, choose white cupboards. You can find several with glass
inserts that will really open up your kitchen.

For kitchens, it
is important to maximize the usability of your cupboards by hanging
hooks inside for extra dishes, and adding drawer organizers for
towels, utensils, and other kitchen tools.

You can purchase
sliding inserts for easier accessibility to pots and pans. Spice
racks can be placed on wire racks on your cupboards. If you have the
room, consider a hanging pot rack above your sink

bedrooms are often problematic because they don’t have enough closet space.
In a small bedroom, stick to a queen sized bed as the absolute maximum.
Raise your bed frame off the floor by a few inches if possible, so you can
use the space under the bed for storage.  Install closet organizers with
shelves and drawers to avoid having a large dresser in the room. Be sure to
have task and overhead lighting, as light will create the impression of a
large room.

spaces create significant design challenges, but you can turn your home into
a series of cozy spaces that don’t feel small by implementing any of these
tips and tricks. 

 Expert contributing author Scarlett offers a wealth of creative tips on small room decorating.

Another tip she recommends is trying a unique online rug store for a variety of
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