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How Natural Light Affects Home Decor – How to Make The Most of Natural Light

How Natural Light Affects Home Decor

by Pamela Cole Harris

One of your best friends in design (or worst enemies!) is the natural light that filters through your home’s windows. It can make that lavender color you chose in the store look dreamy and serene or like Barney’s nightmare depending on direction your room is facing.

Here are some tips on how natural light will affect your décor.

1. Northern Light is usually cold and direct sun in the room only occurs in the middle of summer. Use arm colors such as red, yellow or orange in your décor to compensate for the coolness of the light. Blues or greens will make the room appear even colder.

2. Southern Light is warm and sunny. You can use darker colors in a room with a southern exposure. Blues and greens in this room can create a summery feel all year long.

3. Eastern Light gives a room sunny mornings but muted middays. The afternoon offers no direct light. Use a mix of warms and cools to balance out the daylight.

4. Western Light features afternoon and evening sun. Use neutrals in this room. Using warm colors will overpower the room in the afternoon.

Being aware of how natural light affects your décor will help you make better decisions about the color you use. But fact it! There is absolutely no light in which avocado green looks good.

(Forgive me! Mine was a childhood scared by attacks from renegade guacamole and avocado appliances!)