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Inspiration for decorating your home and the use of colour / color


Inspiration For Decorating Your

Scarlett of House of Area Rugs

When you first get the inkling that
you want to revamp the rooms in your home, you may feel overwhelmed with the
idea of finding paint colors, themes, or fabric choices. We are presented on
a daily basis with design television programs and magazines at our local
home stores, so the choices we need to make become a source of stress.
Decorating should be a fun way to express yourself in your home, and
inspiration is everywhere if you know where to look.  

The great outdoors provides a
fantastic template for decorating your home.  The vibrant colors of spring
or the lush greens of summer can give you the exact shade of paint you are
looking for in your bathroom or bedroom. Many home stores have a color
matcher, where you can take almost anything into the store and match up a
paint color.

If you find a leaf that has the perfect shade of green, or a
buttercup that has a beautiful shade of yellow, you can take it to the store
and have a color created for you.  

yellow flower

Although home magazines are a great
place to source out new color trends or ideas, there is really nothing
better than watching home shows on TV. The trick to not getting overwhelmed
is to find a show or a designer who closely mimics what you’d like to

If you aren’t interested in Feng Shui or modern decor, avoid those
programs. Shows that are well rounded, such as real estate programs, are the
best to watch. You never know what they might show, and they inspiration
they can provide will surprise you.  

coloured blocksA single object can often be used to
mold an entire room.

If your child created your favorite piece of art, you
can take the colors or patterns and use them in your space.

Pop art also
provides inspiration. 

Bold colors can be used on a feature wall, or a
seaside theme can be taken from a picture of the ocean or the beach.   

If you’ve ever been in a country
kitchen, you know that entire rooms can be created from one photo on the
wall or one vibrant blue in a teapot. If your cupboards and counter are
neutral toned, you can add dark color to your walls.  Alternately, with
neutral walls, you can add bold curtains in your favorite shade or pillows
for the chairs in a wild pattern. The opportunities that can come from a
single object are boundless.  

Mainstream movies and TV can also
provide great ideas for rooms.  Just think of the purple door with the
picture frame around the peep hole that was shown on the popular TV show
‘Friends’ and how many people painted their own doors in a similar way. If
you find something you love about a certain movie or TV show, emulate it in
your own home.  

Inspiration doesn’t have to come
from within, you can find it every day in the little bits and pieces that
surround you or right out your front door in the tiniest of flower. 
Inspiration is one thing, what you choose to do with it is where fabulous
decorating starts. 


Senior writer Scarlett loves to share her wealth of creative tips on interior design. She loves to use
flokati area rugs and
modern rugs as inspiration for decorating the rest of the room.