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Hidden storage space in the home – where to find it and how best to use it.

to Make Hidden Storage Space

you’re looking for extra space around your home to put things in but
can’t seem to find any, don’t despair. Although you may not realise
it, your home is full of
hidden storage space; you just have to know where
to look for it. Here are some handy tips to help you find it and to show
you how to make the most of it.

in the walls

cupboard in wallBehind
your drywall and panelling lie countless hidden spaces nestled between the
two-by-four studs.

While some are filled with pipes, wiring, and sheet
metal duct work, others are wide open and ready to be put to use.

If your
home is new or under construction you may already know where these spaces
are. If not it’s just a matter of taking the time to do a little
investigation to find out where you can re-open these spaces.

Once you
know where they are you can open them up into space saving shelves or
convert them into storage

storage spaces

are all kinds of ways that you can disguise storage spaces. For example,
think about putting a floor length table cloth over a small table. Not
only will this create a trendy skirted table that is attractive to look
at, and functional, you can also use underneath the table as storage

The same applies to ottomans, blanket boxes and benches with hinged
seats, these are all attractive and functional and each makes a great
storage space.

man putting cloth on table

functional space

you are buying new furniture, always think about its function as well as
how it will look when you get it home. How it will work for you
practically is often more important.

For example, when you buy bookcases
or other types of furnishing with shelves; make sure these items have five
or six shelves. Two or three shelves per item are just wasted space and
don’t forget to reach upwards. You have all that space between the floor
and ceiling, why waste it with a couple of long horizontal shelves when
you can fill it with a taller row of shelves and use your space more

that hides

beds, chairs, tables, cots – anything that folds up and can be stored
away, hung on a hook or slid under a bed saves space.

From a low-tech
drop-leaf table to a high-end, built-in, pop-up countertop that conceals
small appliances in a kitchen
island; your imagination and budget are the only limits to creating
double-duty furnishings but do remember that if you choose fold out
furnishings like a Murphy bed that you will need to keep the floor space
empty for when it is in use.

house space

choosing both your home plan and builder, carefully review your home plan
with your builder.

Keep an eye out for hidden space that can be utilized.
Some of the most common places you’ll find hidden space are under
staircases, among unusual curves or angled walls, and inside walls that
hold recessed fireplaces or cabinetry.

If you can’t find enough hidden
space to create a shallow closet, there might be just enough space for a
niche to display a favourite collectible, artwork or mirror.

lady putting up wall cupboards


important lessons can be learned from pot, pan and wine racks.

things can be stored right out in the open, and secondly, items can be
hung from ceilings.

Incorporating the same basic methodology; make use of
decorative hanging racks; you’ll work down from the top of the ceiling,
cleverly disguising storage as display space.

Roof space

forget attic space is great for storing things but do remember with all
the insulation up there, to take into account the year round temperature
and how this will effect whatever you are storing. 


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