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Hiring a Handyman – whether you should hire a handyman or a qualified plumber or electrician

The do’s and don’ts for
hiring a handyman

tradesman carrying tool boxesThere are plenty of horror stories
about people getting ripped off by cowboy builders – but these
unfortunate incidents are less common than you might think.
Nevertheless, the idea of being left in the lurch by a tradesmen
with a half-done home improvement has created a culture of fear and
mistrust in the construction industry. As a result, the majority of
builders get branded as “cowboys” unfairly.

Don’t let these false stereotypes
discourage you from getting work done – instead get armed with
information and evaluate your options looking at each tradesman’s
track record to find the best person to hire for your job.

The first step is to understand the capacity
of what you need done and hire the appropriate type of specialist needed.
For a nation of home improvement enthusiasts, most Brits are clueless about
who does what in the building trades. Without knowing any better, it’s no
surprise that we turn to a general handyman for all manner of jobs – from a
leaky tap to a new roof. The result can be disastrous.

So, what type of jobs are suitable for a jack of all trades and when should
we employ a specialist tradesman?

Handymen are usually multi-skilled tradesmen who focus on small, everyday
jobs around the house. A handyman is perfect for simple repairs and
maintenance, including very basic plumbing and electrical work. Handyman
jobs should normally be completed within half a day to a day. Jobs taking
longer than this could indicate that a specialist tradesman is needed.

Certain jobs, no matter how small, must be carried out by a suitably
qualified tradesman. For instance, any gas work must be done by a
Gas Safe
registered engineer or
Similarly, many electrical jobs must be approved by your Local Authority
Building Control
unless they’ve been carried out by a qualified

who is registered with a Competent Person scheme.

Whoever you decide to employ, always shop around a bit first. Compare
multiple quotes and make sure you’re completely happy with the work before
you part with your money.

Handyman or tradesman?

A Handyman is perfect

Hire a Specialist
Tradesman for

Mounting plasma screens
Fitting kitchen worktops
Assembling flat pack furniture
Fitting wooden flooring
Changing locks
Installing a kitchen
Putting up shelves
Boiler repairs
Installing a dishwasher or washing

Power shower installation
Filling cracks in plaster and wood
Unblocking drains
Renewing old tile grout
Plastering and rendering
Small painting jobs
Replacing roof tiles
Replacing extractor fans
Large painting jobs and wallpapering
Replacing electrical sockets
Any new electrical installation
Fit and repair light fittings
Electrical modifications in the bathroom