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Tips on the how to deal with frozen pipes and split water pipes in your home.



What to do if you find a frozen pipe that
hasn’t burst yet

1. Try to thaw the pipe manually by using a hair dryer set on a low heat
setting, towels soaked in hot water. NEVER use an electric fire or an open
flame, such as a blowtorch.

2. Turn on your tap at regular intervals to check if the water is running
freely, if so, that means you have successfully defrosted the pipe.

3. No water running at all? If there is no running water from your tap but you
can’t find the frozen pipe it may be hidden or inaccessible. Contact a licensed
plumber for help immediately.

4. Watch out for leaks. If you find one, a pipe has unfortunately split.

leaking pipe

What to do if you suspect a split
frozen pipe

1. Turning off your main stop-cock is the best way to minimise damage if a pipe
has ruptured but check first that it is safe to do so, particularly if you have
a combi boiler.

2. Leave any trickling taps on as running water through pipes will help to melt
the ice.

3. Call a licensed plumber for immediate help.

What to do if water is flooding your

1. Turn off your main stop-cock (checking first that it is safe to do so,
especially if you have a combi boiler). Stopping the mains flow will limit the
damage considerably.

2. Check your insurance policy schedule to see if you have Home Emergency cover? 
If so call the 24 hour Home Emergency number provided.

3. No cover? Call a plumber for help to control and reduce the damage caused by
the escaping water.