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How to dry flowers using your microwave


Drying flowers using silica gel and
a microwave

Although I have dabbled in many crafts, dried
flowers, is not one I have tried.  These days, however, many blooms can be dried
using a microwave oven.

Roses, geraniums, marigolds and zinnias are said
to be very successful, however, that is not the case with petunias and impatiens. 

suppose it is really a case of experimenting.

Here a few pointers –

red rose buds
  • The final blooms will appear several shades
    darker than the original flowers.

  • It is best to gather the flowers in the late
    morning after the dew has dried off.

  • Obtain some silica gel crystals which are
    available from craft shops.

  • Line a microwave safe container with these
    crystals and heat on High for 3 minutes;  this ensures the crystals are as dry as

  • Place 1in/25mm of warm crystals into a heavy
    glass container making sure it is wide enough for the flowers you are drying.

  • Cut each flower stem to within 1″/25mm from
    the flower head.

  • Push each flower stem gently into the warm
    crystals so that they stand upright.

  • Gradually pour the remaining warm crystals down
    the side of the glass to completely cover the blossoms.

  • Microwave on High.  Rosebuds will need
    about 1 minute 45 seconds but large, fleshy blooms will need 4 to 5
    minutes.  Once
    again it is really a case of trial and error in order to find out the optimum time for
    each species.

  • Cool for 20 minutes, then gently pour off the
    crystals.  Clean the flower petals carefully ( a fine make-up or paintbrush is ideal
    for this purpose).  Mist lightly with an acrylic spray.

  • The finished blooms can be taped to florists’
    wire to provide a stem for flower arrangements.

More information on
drying flowers with silica gel

Go on, have a try – what
have you got to lose – you may even surprise yourself.