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Fishing Glasses – cheap polarised prescription glasses useful for fishermen.

man fishing in waders


the Power of Polarized Prescription Fishing Glasses

Polarized glasses enhance your
vision by reducing glare; being able to see into the water that
you are fishing is a tremendous advantage.

Light reflected from surfaces like a
flat road or smooth water is generally horizontally polarized. This
horizontally polarized light is blocked by the vertically oriented
polarizers in the lenses filtering our glare and allowing you to see
below the water line.

Wading becomes safer.

Fish become easier to locate.

Their habits become more apparent
and you can even become a more successful angler.

Colours are richer.

Edges are sharper.

Distances and depths are
more discernable.

So polarized sunglasses
are a must when fishing but what if you require prescription lenses?

these can be very hard to find and your optician will charge you
a small fortune for them. However, there are suppliers online
who will provide them with prescription lenses much cheaper than
the high street and made to your exact prescription.

polarised fishing glasses