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What To Do / Procedure to Take When a Water Tank or Pipe Bursts



We all hope it will never happen to us, but obviously it regularly happens to someone. Would you know what to do in an emergency?

Burst Pipe or Tank

When water comes through a bedroom ceiling it is usually from a burst pipe or leaking cold water tank in the loft.

Step 1

Turn off the main stopcock (clockwise). The stopcock can usually be found under the sink, or in the airing cupboard. This will stop any more water entering the cold water tank.

It is always a good idea to find out where the stopcock is situated before an emergency arises.
Step 2 In order to drain the cold water tank as quickly as possible and, thereby, reducing the amount of water available to cause damage, turn on all the taps in the house and flush all toilets. When the taps stop running the leak should stop.
Step 3
If the water is anywhere near a light fitting or switch, remove the appropriate fuse from the main fuse box.Tip
– DO NOT replace the fuse until everything has completely dried out.
Step 4
If the water is causing the ceiling plaster to bulge, hold a container under the bulge and make a hole in the bulge with a screwdriver or scissors, thus releasing the water. This should confine the damage to a smaller area.
Step 5 Switch off the water heater or damp down a solid fuel boiler (the fire does not need to be completely extinguished as the hot-water cylinder will not have been emptied) – unless someone takes a bath of course!
Step 6Find the source of the leak. If it comes from the tank itself or a pipe which is fed by the cold water tank, fix the ball cock in the tank in order to close the valve (i.e. raise it to a high position) thus preventing the tank from refilling once the water is turned back on.
Step 7As long as you are sure the ball cock valve is closed, turn the stop cock back on. This will give you cold water in the kitchen tap (as this comes direct from the mains), toilets cisterns can be filled with a bucket.
Step 8Contact a plumber

Good Luck!