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reproduced by kind permission of the Sheffield School of Interior Design

When painting the walls of a room lemon yellow, consider using a trim in deep green. This is, after all, a classic color combination from Mother Nature.

 For an even more natural touch, paint the trim in a trompe l’eoil shape of lemon leaves.

Because key lime pie green is such a soft color, consider the textures you’ll be using with it.

A fabric in the color with heavy brocade, or rough wallpaper, will have the paleness of the color working in conflict with the roughness of the texture, producing an interesting effect.

What makes a dinner party go from ho-hum to elegant? You can turn up the formality factor just by dressing up the table.

Start with draping a white sheet or plain white tablecloth over the table, then cover that with a length of sheer white netting.

Set the places with white dinnerware; it needn't be expensive, as long as it is plain white.

Use white cloth napkins, and plain clear water glasses, and then, in white vases, install flowers that are all the same color.

Make place cards out of heavy cardstock in the same color as the flowers, and use candles in the same color.

floral table decoration

yellow mug containing utensils

To amplify a country look for your kitchen, take anything that comes in a bag or a box and store it instead in a glass jar.

A one-time investment in a boxful of identical storage jars will pay off in giving the kitchen a clean, uniform look; and glass jars have the advantage of letting you see just how much flour or spaghetti you have left.

If you are lucky enough to have water on your property, whether it’s a pond, a birdbath, or a swimming pool, you can launch a handful of floating candles onto the water; the flickering flames will be doubled when they are reflected in the water’s surface

floating candles in a shallow glass dish






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