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Designer secrets on decorating a room on a low budget

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Designer Secrets for
Updating Your Home Décor On a Tight Budget

By Pamela Cole Harris

Home décor seems to change every time you turn around! What was
“in” yesterday, gives your visitors flashbacks to their childhood
today! If your décor is stuck in the last decade and you don’t have the
budget for a complete makeover, you have two choices. Keep your decor the
same until it comes back into style (only ten more years to go!) or update
your décor for little or no money! Here are some secrets!



If the color is a definite throwback from another decade, update
by painting one wall that new, hot color. Or paint stripes of the new color
on one wall!

Create a color focal point in the room to draw attention away
from the areas that may not be as updated as you would like (but don’t go
overboard! (Please get those lime green stripes out of your mind!)



Work with what you have.

If the upholstery is worn, cover
with throws, quilts, slipcovers or sheets to draw the eye away from the
problem areas. This also works if the color is outdated.

Add a few throw
pillows to catch the eye and draw attention to their beauty! Just one
caution: If you have so many pillows that nobody can sit on the sofa, you
have probably carried this advice a little too far!



Cover an old carpet with a large throw rug or make your own
hand-painted floor cloth.

If you have wood floors under the carpet, tear the carpet out! Then
sand and seal the floors if they are in good shape or
paint the floors if they are not.

You can even
make concrete look
! (cold and hard, but beautiful!)


Furniture arrangement

Rearranging your furniture is always a good way
to update the look. As with color, create a focal point of your best pieces.
It should be the first thing people see when they walk in the room. They
won’t even notice the ugly stuff in the corner!

Try these tricks and update your own décor! And just a little tip from
yours truly – burnt orange and avocado green plaid will NEVER come back, so
give that sofa to the Goodwill! (or the Smithsonian!)

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