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Decorating the Den


Decorating the Den

from House of Area rugs

Decorating the den is not only exciting but you can create any look you
want. How you decorate the room depends on the size of the room as well
as the shape of the room. It’s easy to decorate a square room but not if
the room is odd shaped. Whether your den looks like a lived in family
room, an office, or a library, you can create the look and feel that you

Since it is the den, let everyone in the house help
you figure out how to decorate it.

Dens are personal and should be decorated this way.

If your den needs a
makeover, consider some of these important tips to help you achieve the
look you want.

teenager lounging in den

The furniture should consist of a couch, chair, and bookshelf. You may
also find a television and a desk for bill paying, writing letters, or
doing homework. Dens should feel warm and inviting so your decor should
provide this feel. If you don’t have a fireplace in your den consider
purchasing one. You can purchase electric fireplaces or gas logs and
they make a big difference in the atmosphere as well as warming up the

Windows should be decorated accordingly. You can place blinds or heave
drapes for winter time and use sheers and lace for spring and
summertime. The windows colors should match the color on the walls. If
you watch a lot of movies in your den, then you do want to add blinds to
the windows so you can close them to make the room dark and give it a
theater feel.

couple reading on sofa

The colors you choose on the wall should be a neutral color like beige
or cream.

This makes it easier to put any color you want throughout the
room without clashing the colors together.

Accenting the room is what gives the den the right
look. You will need to add some potted plants, either real or
artificial. Plants can give the bookshelves color and style.

Add lighting that you can adjust or
dim. Place a floor lamp in the corner where you can read without
straining the eyes. Overhead lights are good but you cannot adjust them
and they usually don’t help unless you are sitting directly under them.

Display family photos and don’t be afraid to use black and white photos
as well as colored. If you quilt, display your quilt in the den. Take
pictures of nature and add it to your room.

Place area rugs in the den to complete your look. Start with a large area rug in the middle of the floor.
Oriental rugs are the best rugs for dens. You can get them in many different colors like blue, white, green, and grey. You can place smaller
round rugs under the chair, in front of the theater system, or television.


It’s important to make the den feel comfortable and relaxing. You want
to be able to socialize in the den and the way you decorate will help
provide that look for you.