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Top home decor mistakes you may be making which are easily remedied

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Top Home Décor Mistakes You May Be Making

Pamela Cole Harris

I am assuming you readers have good taste – no hay on the walls
(what WAS she thinking!), cardboard lined bedrooms, or plastic egg
covered bathrooms. And after all, you DO read my advice! Yet, even
so, you may be making little mistakes that change your home décor
from amazing to awkward!

Here are some design mistakes you may be making!


Decorating your room based on a whim or the current fad
instead of thinking how the room will be used.

White sofas in a play room?

Hay on the wall of a family room! (she will never live that down!)

Frilly ruffles in a bedroom shared with your very macho husband.

Think about the room’s uses and users before you decorate.


Using incorrect lighting for the room’s use.

Sure, those little
lamps are cute but will they provide enough reading light in your
family room?

Will that chandelier cast shadows that will make the
room occupants look like bad Picasso knockoffs?

Make sure to buy
lamps and light bulbs which ease the strain on readers, and as for
the shadows, why not try frosted bulbs to soften those harsh


Arranging furniture in awkward patterns.

If you had to make
your way from one side of the room to the other in the dark, could
you do it without knocking your shins on a table? Can you do it in
the daylight?

While winding paths across a room might earn you
extra exercise, they can be hazardous to our shins (and a couple
of toes!). Arrange easy pathways through your room.


Putting all the furniture against the wall.

Unless you have a
paranoia about having someone behind your back, move your
furniture further into the room. It adds more interest and looks
less like a police line-up!


Awkward conversation areas.

If your visitors have to twist their bodies, look under lamps and over
tables to have a conversation, your furniture is placed incorrectly.

Group furniture into small intimate areas where people can talk face to


Hanging artwork too high.

Try placing your artwork at or below eye level (and not eye level for
the Jolly Green Giant!) Unless it is over a fireplace mantel, try not to
make your visitors look up to view your prints or paintings.


Scattering the accessories.

If you have a collection, group it together. (Makes it easier to see
what you have so you don’t buy duplicates!) When individual pieces are
scattered throughout the house, the collection loses its impact.


Including just one of everything in the room.

Just one of everything makes people think that your kids broke the mate
to the piece. Bring balance and unity to the room by choosing pairs of
lamps, chairs, pillows or tables.


Having a lop-sided room.

Don’t put all the big, heavy furniture
or dark colors on one side of the room. It will feel like you are
on the deck of the Titanic. Distribute the pieces evenly to bring
balance to the room.

Are you making design mistakes? They are easy to remedy! A little
furniture moving here, a little shuffling there and your home will
be ready for Architectural Digest (or Field and Stream – depending
on your décor!)