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10 effective ways to deal with low ceilings

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Effective Ways to Deal with Low Ceilings

by Pamela
Cole Harris*

So here’s the low down! Low
ceilings can make a room seem claustrophobic and smaller than it really is.
If you feel as if the weight of the world is on your shoulders when you walk
into your home, here are some ways to raise low ceilings to new heights (at
least visually!)

  1. Paint
    can do wonders for your ceiling
    . Remember that cool colors recede,
    making the surface appear farther away. So pick a cool (temperature,
    not style!) color for your ceiling!

  2. A
    shimmery or satin paint color can also make the ceiling appear higher
    by drawing the eye upward. 

  3. Painting the room in
    monotones will also make the ceiling appear higher. Be sure that the
    lightest tone of the series is used for the ceiling. 

  4. Don’t break up the
    walls with horizontal lines
    . Chair rails, horizontal paint strips and
    extended horizontal art groupings will emphasize the height (or lack
    thereof) of the ceiling.

  5. Don’t hang chandeliers
    when hang low in the room space. It just screams lack of height and
    visually cuts the room in half! Instead use flush or semi-flush
    lighting fixtures or recessed lighting.

  6. Use uplighting in the
    room as much as possible. Lamps should cast light on the ceilings to
    create the illusion of height.

  7. If you want to use crown
    moldings, make sure they are thin. 2-3 inch moldings will add a touch
    of class to the room without emphasizing the ceiling height.

  8. Whatever you do,
    use a wallpaper border
    ! It cuts the room in half visually – just what
    you are trying to avoid!

  9. Draw attention to the
    bottom half of the room
    with low-backed furniture, colorful rugs and
    low tables.

  10. Add
    vertical lines
    in the room to create the illusion of height! This can be
    done with drapes, vertical striped fabrics and tall, thin bookcases,
    cabinets or chairs.

a little visual magic, you can remove that claustrophobic feel and create a
light and spacious feeling in your room.

Hey! Do you think uplighting will
help turn me from a “short stuff” to a runway model?


* Pamela Cole Harris
is a writer, eco-decorator and author of
 “100+ Wildly Imaginative Ways to
Make Your Own Coffee Table
– a Handbook for Creatively Deficient

100+ Wildy Imaginative Ways to Create your own Coffee Tables