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I have recently come across a site called
monumentmasonry.com which I am sure you
will find very useful. It has many hints and tips on construction including such subjects
as –

Ponds on a budget

Stone patio secrets revealed

Glass Block – An enlightened experience

And much, much more.

To give you a “taster”, here are a few of their hints and tips:-

To remove stains from a driveway

For fresh stains, apply some baking soda or cat litter (grind cat litter to a powder
with a brick), over the stain and rub into the surface – leave over night. Simply
sweep up the next morning.

For older or stubborn stains, use carburettor cleaner or industrial degreaser.

To prolong the life of a retractable steel measure

Stretch out the full length of the
tape. Wipe clean with a moist cloth, then apply some car wax to the
tape. Be sure to buff the wax off. This only takes a few minutes and
your tape will roll up easier, longer and keep down rust and corrosion.

Quick Measurements

A six inch piece of old steel tape, cut from a broken retractable tape measure, can be
carried in your wallet. This is a very handy tool for checking dimensions at the
lumberyard or hardware store.

Another handy use for a broken retractable measure is to cut lengths of say, 10, 20, 30
cms and mount it to your tool box, work table or cutting tables.

If you don’t have a broken retractable tape, you can always use a dollar bill,
just remember –

Length = 6 ¼ ” – folded = 3 1/8″

Width = 2 5/8″ – folded = 1 ¼”

It’s All in your Perspective

When laying out walks and pathways in small yards you can create an illusion that the
yard is bigger by narrowing the walkway as it continued into the yard from the house. In
other words, start the walkway at five feet wide and end it at four feet wide (NOTE:
decrease the width gradually, one foot per forty feet of length – longer walks would
not need the perspective illusion).


I am sure you will agree, this is all very interesting advice, for more visit their

They can also provide multimedia tutorials that are equipped with
pre-programmed calculators, animations and tips that have come from 27 years of experience
in the construction industry.