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by Jessica Ackerman

Placing a decorative centerpiece on your coffee or dining table adds color and interest to the table and the room. It can convey your sense of style and creativity, and let guests know what is meaningful to you. 

These ideas for table centerpieces are simple to create and make use of what you likely have in your home already.

Flower containers

Flowers are one of the most common elements for a centerpiece, whether they are fresh or artificial. Find new ways of displaying flowers other than your traditional glass vase. Water pitchers, small tin buckets, and teapots that hold flowers create different looks. 

flowers in metal watering can

Containers like flowerpots or vases can be embellished with ribbon or glued-on glass beads to dress up their appearance. Make sure your flower displays are in proportion to the area of your table surface. 

Clear jars of anything:

foliage in glass vase

Instead of flowers, consider using unusual objects such as river rocks, small figurines, marbles, and seashells as your centerpiece. 

A clear vase or jar can hold a combination of these objects. Consider placing a layer of rocks or sand at the bottom of the jar and sticking flowers or feathers in it. 

two flowers in a fancy glass vase

You may want to arrange three clear jars together, varying the height of the jars. If the jars are all the same height, consider raising one or two on a stack of books. Varying the height adds interest to your display.

Twigs and branches: 

arrangement of two vases containing twigs

A piece of driftwood can serve as an interesting, natural centerpiece. 

If you have a larger table, arrange twigs or stems of dried pods in a glass bottle or tall container. 

For the holiday season you may want to spray paint some branches in silver or gold and hang baubles on them.


Candles are a popular component in centerpieces. You’ll find them in a variety of colors and sizes, such as pillars, tea lights, votives, and tapers. 

Candle holders also come in a variety of designs, from elegant candlesticks to simple holders to designs that hold multiple tea lights. 

For a romantic idea combining candles and flowers, fill a small fishbowl with a base of stones and water. Place floating candles and small flower blossoms or petals on the surface. 

candle and baubles

Fruit and vegetables

horn containing fruit and veg

Use the natural beauty of fruits and vegetables to create a unique centerpiece. 

Avocados, artichokes, and lemons can be displayed in a decorative bowl; they are long-lasting and have bold colors that can accentuate a plain dining table. 

Add seasonal appeal to a fall buffet by floating fresh apples in a grouping of clear glass vases or cylinders filled with water.

Trays and plates

An attractive silver tray or an elegant china plate holding various items can serve as a beautiful centerpiece.

Simply grouping odd numbers of candles on a tray creates an easy and classically stylish centerpiece. 


fruit on a silver tray

Or, arrange multiple items of the same color with different textures on a tray to create a centerpiece: For example, you could start with a mirrored glass tray, group a cluster of silver candles on top and sprinkle silver beads with different sizes, shapes and finishes among the candles. Mixing textures, materials, and shapes is the key to having an eye-catching centerpiece that can be a conversation starter.

Jessica Ackerman is an accomplished author and senior writer for Wall Decor and Home Accents. She has a strong background in interior design, and she provides unique wall decorating tips and ideas. Visit the website for more creative ways to display metal wall art sculptures, wrought iron art decor , architectural pieces, and wall sconces.




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