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Inexpensive Ways to Make Holders For Your CDs And DVDs



Here are three easy and inexpensive ways to make a holder for your CDs and DVDs.

  • Cut two pieces of wood, one slightly larger than a CD Rom and the other the same width by three times as long.
    Fit the long piece of wood at right angles to the square piece with a metal brackets.  Fix to wall at an angle with the long end raised above the short end (like a tick or check mark).The CDs can then be placed on the shelf.
  • Fix a metal notice board or plate to a wall.
    Stick self adhesive magnetic strips to the edge of each CD case and these will then adhere to the metal plate/board.
  • Get some baking tins large enough to hold CDs.
    Put tape letters on outside of tins (e.g. A – C)
    Paint with appropriate paint.
    Remove tape to reveal the letters.
    Place on shelves.