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Five bathroom makeover ideas – tips on how you can makeover a bathroom without spending too much.

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Bathroom Makeover Ideas

Simon Phillips

your bathroom is looking a little tired or outdated, there are lots of
things you can do to improve its appearance and give it a fresh new look,
without the expense of a complete overhaul. 
Here are a few ideas to get you started:-

  1. Replace your
    grey and moldy old shower curtain with a nice new one. 
    Plastic or fabric shower curtains are inexpensive to buy,
    incredibly easy to change, and a great way of adding a splash of
    color to dull décor on a tight budget. 

    Something as simple as hanging a clean new shower curtain
    can have a big impact on your bathroom’s appearance.

man lying in bath

  1. If
    you’re willing to spend a bit more, replacing your shower curtain
    with a glass shower door or screen is a great way to add the

    shower doors made from tempered glass are ideal for a sleek, modern
    look, whereas those with a chrome, brass or gold plated frame can look
    stunning in a more traditional themed bathroom. 

    Be practical when choosing a shower door and think about how it
    will open.  A folding door
    that opens outward looks grand and elegant, but is likely to bang into
    your sink or toilet if you have a small bathroom! 
    If your shower is above your bathtub, a space-saving sliding
    door is a good choice.

  1. Install
    a new vanity cabinet. 
    come in all sorts of different styles to suit bathrooms of
    all themes, from decorative furniture styles to minimalist
    contemporary designs. 

    vanities usually consist of a base storage cabinet with an inlaid sink
    on top.  They are great
    for making the most of a small room and provide useful storage space. 
    An attractive bathroom vanity will be a focal point of your
    bathroom and can work wonders at giving the whole room a stylish new

  1. Replace
    your existing bathroom cabinets or simply paint the doors for a quick
    and simple makeover. 

    mounted bathroom cabinets tend to attract our attention as they are at
    eye level, and a tatty or old fashioned cabinet can really tarnish a
    bathroom’s appearance. 

    cabinets come in a huge range of sizes and styles, from wooden ones
    made from cherry, walnut or oak to those with hand painted, distressed
    or laminated finishes. 

    a small room, having a mirror on a cabinet door is not only useful,
    but can help create an illusion of space.

man mending tap over basin 

  1. Get
    rid of ugly or worn out taps on your sink and bath. 

    Often there is no need to go to the hassle and expense of
    fitting a new bathroom suite. 
    Simply installing stylish new bathroom faucets can give a
    tired bathroom an instant lift. 

    Bath and sink faucets come in a surprisingly large
    variety of styles and finishes, from brass plated Victorian
    styles for period homes to sleek looking chrome for the
    contemporary bathroom.


If you
want to spruce up your bathroom but don’t want to spend a fortune on a
whole new suite, retiling etc, then changing just one or two elements of
your bathroom’s design can be very effective at giving the room a lift
without blowing your budget.

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