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A Guide To Bathroom Lighting – How to Get The Best Out of Bathroom Lighting.

A Guide to Bathroom Lighting

from mybathroomguide.com

Bathroom designs are becoming more luxurious all the time. No longer are bathrooms simply functional, but they have become personal retreats. Along with this trend, design choices have literally exploded. Every detail in your bathroom requires a decision, and by the time you’re finished, it can be exhausting.

This is also true in the area of
bathroom lighting. Gone are the days of a single fixture in the middle of the ceiling. In an attempt to make your bathroom lighting decisions a little easier, here are a list of things you should always do, and a few things you shouldn’t.

provide adequate lighting around the vanity mirror – The buzzword for this type of lighting is task lighting.
It’s important to have the light you need for all the different tasks you may do in front of your mirror.
vanity mirror with lights around the edge

Always use a ceiling fixture for general lighting – Even though the old-fashioned ceiling fixture is no longer the only source of light in most bathrooms, it is still important. It provides general lighting for the entire room and also serves an important safety function by lighting up the floor and allowing safe access.

stressed lady
eliminate shadows in work areas – If you’re forced to put on makeup or style your hair in shadowy light, things may not always turn out as you wish.
Always use halogen lighting whenever possible – Did you realize that halogen lights last three times longer than normal lights? Another benefit is that halogen lighting provides some of the most accurate lighting available, making sure that your skin tone colors are truly represented in the mirror.

Always find energy efficient ways to increase bathroom lighting – Options here include windows and clear shower doors.

Always use GFCI outlets – GFCI stands for ground fault circuit interrupter, and using GFCI could help you avoid a dangerous electrical shock. Make sure to have them installed by a licensed electrician.

Never use a recessed light fixture above the vanity mirror – A single light shining down from overhead will create all kinds of shadows on your face, making it difficult to do anything right in terms of makeup or hairstyling.

Never try to get by with less lighting – Having adequate light in the bathroom is extremely important. You’re really much better off having too much light and then using dimmers to lower the intensity.
Never put freestanding plug-in lamps near sinks or the bathtub – You never know when an accident will happen, and this could set the stage for lethal electrical shock.
face shocked and screaming

If you keep this list of things to always and never do in mind, you should be able to put together safe, efficient and effective lighting or your home bathroom.

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