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What are the best eco friendly air conditioners?

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What is the Best Eco Friendly Air Conditioner

by Mary Mattoon

Eco Friendly Air Conditioners

Air conditioners that are considered eco friendly are those that use
anywhere from 10 to 50 percent less energy that other types of air conditioners. Eco friendly air conditioning units are those the have been
labeled Energy Star by the U.S.

man checking air conditionerEnvironmental Protection Agency. The Energy Star label helps consumers
know that they are purchasing a product that can help reduce greenhouse
emissions as well as other pollutants.

While there is not one brand that is better than another, the most
important thing to look for when shopping for an eco friendly air conditioner is the Energy Star Label.

Ways to Be More Eco Friendly

There are several steps that homeowners can take to make sure that their
Energy Star eco friendly air conditioner works as efficiently as possible.
Homeowners can do this by:


The size of the air conditioner needed for the home will depend on the
square footage to be cooled. 

Other factors to take into consideration include: number of doors and windows, shading, insulation, number of
people living in the home, and appliances used.

Bigger does not equal better.

bungalow with cutaway explaining size of air conditioner


Proper and routine maintenance can help homeowners ensure that their air
conditioner is operating at its maximum capacity. 

It is important to clean or replace filters on a regular basis. Yearly servicing is needed to keep
the unit operating efficiently.


Homeowners should determine their comfort level and set their thermostat

It is best to leave the thermostat set a the same temperature
all year long. It is recommended that homeowners set their thermostat at 78 degrees. The higher the setting, the less the air conditioning unit
will operate.


ceiling fan

Installing ceiling fans will help your air conditioning unit operate more

Fans help to evenly distribute cool air throughout a room.

Fans do not require a lot of energy to operate;
therefore, using fans will not dramatically increase the home’s energy consumption.


Keeping the shades drawn in the home will help keep out excess sunlight
and heat.

Planting trees or other plants around the home can provide
additional shading for the home. 

It is also ideal to have the outside air conditioner unit shaded as well. It is estimated that shaded air is
approximately 6 degree cooler than air that is not shaded. This will help the eco friendly, Energy Star unit to operate more efficiently.