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Difference between front loading and top loading washing machines

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between front loading and top loading washing machines

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– Front loading and top loading washers will perform the same basic tasks
with your laundry, although you should look to their differences to make a
decision about which model is right for your home.

Between The Two Major Types of Washing Machines 

you’ve ever browsed in the appliances section at one of your local stores
and you happened to pass by the washing machines, you will surely have
noticed that there are two major distinctions between washing machines
which are available.  You’ll find both top loading washers and front
loading washers, although you may not understand what the major
differences are between the two.  If you ever plan on buying a new
washing machine, though, you should consider what each type of unit is
going to bring to your home. 

many of these washing machines will perform in the same basic manner,
there are subtle differences that you will need to think about before you
make a purchase.  These will not only relate to the actual dimensions
of the washer, but to the load capacity of these washers as well. 
The distinctions between front loading and top loading washers could set
them apart during your decision making process.  

a Closer Look at the Styles

washing machines are going to be the ones which cater to your
particular lifestyle and will help your entire household with all of their
laundry needs.  While the typical element to consider relating to the
way you load the washing machine will be the capacity of the machine, you
also have to take into consideration the positioning of the unit.  

a line of front loading washing machinesFront loading
washers have a loading hole located to the front and lower on the
unit than a top loading washer would.  If anyone in your
household has trouble bending over, it may be difficult for them to
use a front loading unit. 

you are looking for the differences between the two types of washers, you
will want to consider:

Where the laundry is loaded into, meaning top or front.

How large the capacity is within the washing basin.

How much energy and how much water will be used by each type
of washing machine.

The number of cycles through which each machine can wash
your clothes.

Information relating to the spin cycle of the unit.

Front loading and
top loading washers will differ in these areas, not simply relating to
how you put the laundry into the washer itself.  Often, making the
choice between two washing machines will be the difference between how
many clothes you want to wash at one time compared to the efficiency
that you are striving to achieve.  Making a decision can come down
to many specific factors. 

a Closer Look at the Differences 

loading washing machines, as stated, usually have a larger washing basin. 
This means that you can put more clothes into the unit at one time and run
larger loads of laundry.  In addition to various water temperatures
and spin cycles, you will typically expect to use this washing machine to
take care of large quantities of laundry without much trouble.  The
nature of this machine, though, will usually require you to either use a
clothes dryer to fully ensure that the clothes will dry, or to hang dry
them.  While the spin cycle can help dry the clothes, they will still
be damp after completing this cycle. 

Front loading washing machines, although they have a large basin,
will usually hold a smaller amount of clothes.  This is because
they cannot contain too much water within, as it could potentially
leak out and cause massive problems.  As a result, you will be
able to do less laundry within one of these units, even though the
basin appears to be just as large as with a top washer.  This
factor, however, will also result in you conserving more water than
you would with a top washer.  This can help you cut back on
your consumption, which will also benefit you on your power bill.
front loading washing machine with open door


are some models of front loading washers which will actually work on steam
drying your clothes.  This will result in you not having the need for
a separate clothes dryer, which can save you money in relation to your
budget for appliances.  While one of these units may be more
expensive, it can also help you save money in the long run, as you will
not be buying or running two different appliances. 

models will be smaller and stackable.  Front loading washers and
dryers can often be placed on top of each other, to help conserve as much
space as possible.  This can help you bring a washer and dryer into a
tighter space, still giving you the full ability for laundry capabilities,
without forcing you to deal with these large, boxy appliances.  Other
units will include a small washer and dryer built into the same unit,
stacked on top of each other.  This can also be beneficial when you
are looking to save on space. 

should also pay attention to the number of temperatures, washing, and spin
cycles which are present in a machine.  The more basic units may only
give you a few washing cycles and temperatures, while more advanced units
can give you washing cycles which are special for any number of fabrics. 
Making the most out of what you are given will be important if you are
going to use your washing machine to handle your entire wardrobe.  

at Energy Efficiency 

lady holding world in her hansWhile many washing
machines are built to energy efficiency standards in terms of both
power and water consumption, a typical front loading washer will use
far less than the top loading units.  You do have to consider,
however, the rate at which you will be using the washing machine. 
Using a top loading washer with more power and water usage once over
a front loading machine twice can prove to be more efficient than
you would otherwise expect. 

energy efficient will be important and you will want to find machines
which are going to save in the end.  Take care, however, to fully
evaluate washing
machine ratings to determine exactly what those energy levels will be,
as you could end up saving more in time with the larger washer. 
While these factors will vary with every individual household, taking your
personal needs into consideration will lead you toward making the most
economic and environmentally friendly choice possible.