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How to choose the best vacuum cleaner for your needs – upright, bagless, cylinder etc.

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Which Vacuum Cleaner is best for

Which is the
best vacuum cleaner

for you? With so many choices around, deciding for the best model may prove
to be a difficult task.

The most used vacuum cleaners these days are the
and canister

The back-pack cleaners are generally used for commercial
purposes only and other varieties of cleaners available today are the
built-in, or central and the robotic cleaners.

We also cannot forget smaller
and wet or wet/dry cleaners.

So if you are trying to choose the best vacuum cleaner among
them, you need to keep a few things in mind.

  • Budget: Don’t get lured into something that you can not


  • Brand: Try and look out for brands that are trustworthy and
    reliable. After sales services is one of the best ways of judging which
    brand is actually good to buy.


  • Usage: How and where you plan to use your vacuum cleaner also
    helps you decide what kind is best for you. If you have a large carpeted
    area you may want to go for an upright vacuum cleaner and if you have a
    hard surface flooring and stairs to clean then a canister may be a
    better choice.


  • Ask people you know: It is a great idea to consult your friends
    before buying a vacuum cleaner. They might be able to give you the great
    tips on getting the best vacuum cleaner. Try and learn from their


  • Conduct a survey: Before actually buying a model try and look
    around and see what suits your needs the most. It is a good idea to take
    a ‘test drive’ before buying one. Check the specifications
    personally. See if the height adjusts according to your comfort. You can
    also use the internet to compare prices and check their ratings before
    actually going to a shop. Try out assembling the attachments before you
    buy them.
Let’s go into more detail now…

Though the upright cleaners are the most widely
used ones, they have nothing remarkable about their suction power. The
canister or cylinder design cleaners can suck better, and due to the
build of their power heads, they can easily get into the corners.

The built-in or the central cleaners are the newest
models available today. These vacuum cleaners have the best cleaning
capability, and can locate the suction motor and the bag in such a way that
they produce a lesser amount of noise while cleaning.

The vacuum inlets are set up throughout the house, and the
25 feet long hose allows you to move freely without changing the inlets.
Their collection unit is so big that you can do without emptying it even for
an entire year. This is could be the best vacuum cleaner for your needs if
you have a large house…

cylinder vacuum cleaner

The handheld vacuum cleaners are quite handy and
convenient, but they rank far lower in capability if you compare them with
the larger models.

The new robotic cleaners can clean automatically if
you program them to do so. They use sweepers for the usual cleaning work.

Wet vacs are a particular type of canister vacuums
used for cleaning up spilt fluid. These cleaners can hold wet and dry debris
at the same time, and you can even fix an exhaust port on them to reverse
the flow of air. These are basically canister vacuums that can be carried on
the back.

The cleaners are now available in a number of colors and
models. Most of the cleaners need a nominal maintenance for working. The Dyson
has an exclusive collection system, and with its HEPA filtration system, its
actually one of the most popular models available and a sure candidat for
the best vacuum cleaner in your home.

What you would choose would actually depend on what your
requirement is. For instance, you might need a vac good for dog hair
cleaning if you have a canine pet a home.

While going to buy your best vacuum cleaner you would have
to consider a few factors. Remember the type of surfaces that you would use
your cleaner on. Get a cleaner with the HEPA filtration process if
you are prone to allergies. Think over what attachments you would need, and
before you actually buy the cleaner, experiment with different models to see
which one you find the most convenient in terms of weight and handling.


cartoon of man with finger in his ears
Also make sure that you check how much
noise your
potential vacuum cleaner makes.

The more current models have an installation
around the motor so as to minimize the noise that it can make while

Pay your attention to some other miscellaneous factors like
the upholstery brushes and other attachments, the length of the cord, the
dust collection bags or plastic holders, the head lights, the power of the
motor and the like.

Go by a few dependable
cleaner ratings
. Check out the warranty or the service strategy of
the company whatever be the brand or model of your best vacuum cleaner.


provides you with
vacuum cleaner reviews
ratings of Dyson,
Miele, Hoover, Eureka, Oreck and other brands. You’ll find lots of easy-to-follow
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