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How a closet organizer can transform your storage space

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A Closet Organizer Can Transform Your Storage Space

Simon Phillips

you tired of never being able to find what you’re looking for in your
cupboard?  How often do you
find that when you’re running late with no time to spare, that dress or
shirt you were hoping to wear is lying in a crumpled heap at the back of
your closet?  And isn’t it
annoying when you’ve got all those shoes but can’t find a matching
pair?  If this sounds like
your life, then it’s time you organized that chaos! 
This needn’t be as daunting as it may sound by installing a
closet organizer system you get a range of storage options for organizing
all your clothing, shoes and accessories so in future everything should
always be in the right place!

first step in tackling a cluttered closet is simply to remove
everything, and I do mean everything, from your closet, and then
have as good clear out.  You’re
likely to uncover all kinds of dated outfits and clothes that are no
longer your size, so be ruthless and throw these away or donate them
to a charity. 

should help you reduce the pile slightly, leaving you with clothes
that you will actually wear again. 

Sort the remaining pile into some kind of order. 
For example, group all your dresses in one pile, shirts in
another, trousers in another etc. 
You could go even further and group things according to
season, color or occasion – whatever works best for you.

decluttering process enables you to make a fresh start and to see exactly
what you need to find a home for in your closet. 
At this stage it can be helpful to get a pencil and paper and draw
out a sketch of your closet, taking accurate measurements of the space

lady carrying box of clothes to sale

Look at your
sorted piles and work out how much of each type of storage space you’ll
need.  For instance, if you
have lots of long slacks, dresses or overcoats, you’ll require plenty of
long hanging space.  However,
if a large proportion of your clothes are shorter things like shirts,
blouses, skirts or folded pants, you could maximize the space in your
closet by installing double hanging rods, one above the other.

closet organiser systemFor
organizing smaller items such as socks and underwear, decide whether
you’d like to install some drawers or shelving, or a combination of
both and of course,
don’t forget to include a section in your bedroom closet organizer system
for all those shoes!  Most
bedroom closet organizers include shoe cubbies or a shoe rack.

you’ve drawn out your plan and can visualize exactly how you want your
organized closet to look, it’s time to go shopping and browse a
selection of closet organizers to find a design that meets all your needs. 
Here you can focus on looks as well as function, as closet
organizers come in a variety of colors and finishes. 
Select something that will look good and coordinate with the style
of your closet, as well as meeting your storage needs.

you’ve made your decision and purchased your new closet organizer,
it’s time to install it. 

closet organizers come with adjustable features, such as shelving,
so you can adapt your organizer system to your needs. 

Once fitted, the organizing really begins, and you can
carefully organize all your belongings into neat sections, so you
should always be able to find what you’re looking for in an
instant. There should be no excuse for a messy closet after this!

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