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6 Innovative Storage Solutions 

for a Dorm Room, Bed-sit or Studio

Dorm rooms are notoriously small, and often are shared by more than one student. Using innovative storage techniques can help keep a room in order. There are many storage techniques you can use to take advantage of even the smallest corners and spaces within any room. The secret is to utilize every inch of space possible.

1. Furniture with Hidden Storage

When choosing furniture items for a dorm room, always try to find ones that offer hidden storage. 

Instead of using a coffee or end table in a room, choose a trunk with a flat lid that can double as a table and storage chest, or choose storage cubes.

Beds with drawers underneath are also an excellent choice. 

wooden chest

Instead of plain small end tables, choose ones that have drawers to give more storage options using the same amount of floor space.

2. Stash Your Stuff in Bins and Boxes 

Colorful bins and boxes can be used in many ways throughout the room to provide more storage in a neat and organized fashion. For example, colorful plastic milk crates can be stacked on their side to provide cubicles for storing items such as shoes, books, and many other kinds of items. 

Canvas bins with handles on the side are great for stashing under tables and beds, looking great while making it easy to pull the bin out when there is a need to access them. 

Using bins and boxes to organize small items not only reduces visual clutter, but also allows the more effective use of the room's space.

3. Bookcases and Shelves

lady standing at bookcase Of course no dorm room is complete without a bookcase or shelving unit. 

When selecting one for a small dorm room, remember that tall bookcases don't take up any more floor space than shorter models.

Even if the shelves aren't needed for books, choose a tall bookcase and use the extra shelves for baskets or boxes to store items, or to display and store other items in addition to books. 

If you are allowed to hang wall shelves in the dorm room, this is also an extremely effective way of creating more storage space within a room, especially since it doesn't require any floor space.  lady dusting high book shelf

4. Use Attractive Baskets to Add Storage

Baskets are very useful in a dorm room to provide attractive storage space. Use baskets that have handles or hooks to hang on the wall to store everyday items.

Try hanging a small basket near the doorway to conveniently hold keys, student ID cards, and other small items that are needed on a daily basis when leaving the room. 

Baskets are also great when arranged on a shelf or countertop.

5. Utilize the Door Space

Over-door storage hooks and racks are a great way to provide hidden storage.

Hanging a shoe rack with pockets on the inside of a closet door not only provides a good place to store shoes, but it can be used to organize many other types of items as well.

6. Maximize Closet Storage Space

closet organisation system Even the smallest dorm room closet can benefit from a good closet organization system. 

These units can help make the most of every inch of closet space, providing clothes rods, hooks, shelves and bins. 

They are usually modular, so you can pick just the arrangement that best suits your needs.

If you can't afford a closet organization system, make your own using bins and boxes.






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