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How to declutter your home and organise housework to allow more free time.



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In today’s ever demanding and fast moving world, good organisation
can mean the difference between panic and guilt to serenity and bliss.  The more
organised we are, the more time we should have to do the things we want to do,
rather than the things we have to do.

De-Clutter Your Life!

You might find these top ten tips useful for clearing your

1. Clean before you clear your clutter

Dirt is different from clutter. Cleaning away the dust and grime
first lets you see the clutter clearly, and stops the clearing from being such a dusty

2. Never attempt clutter clearing when
you’re angry

Strong emotions get in the way of thinking clearly. To clear clutter
you need an objective eye (which is one reason why it’s useful to have a coach).

3. Start with the small stuff

To get past the feeling of overwhelm, start with your junk drawer –
we all have at least one. You’ll feel great when it’s done! And remembering that feeling
will inspire you to move on to the bigger stuff.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

It may take two or even three sweeps to clear the clutter. But do
put a time limit on it.

5. Clear out anything not used or loved

Under normal circumstances, if you have not used an item in the past
year, then you will not use it again.

6. Set yourself a time limit

This is a great tip for dealing with anything that’s unfinished or
needing repair. Set yourself a period of time – maybe six months – to get it finished. If
by then it’s still unfinished, it has to go!

7. Don’t put up with other people’s clutter

We’ve all fallen for this one! Looking after other people’s
belongings is fine but only for an agreed period of time.

8. Recycle stuff that’s “too good to
throw out”

It’s very difficult for most of us to simply throw something away –
so recycle it to friends, hospitals, schools or charities who will actually use it.

9. Keep the balance – “one in, one

Once you’ve cleared, how do you maintain that clutter free state?
Make a rule that you clear space for whatever you bring into your home by clearing out
something else. So when you buy a book, for example, you have to get rid of one you have

10. Get started!

The moment you start, changes will occur. You’ll feel lighter and
empowered to continue. Other members of your household will be motivated to clear their
clutter. Your home will feel the benefits and appear full of positive energy.

These top ten tips for clearing your clutter have been reproduced by
kind permission of Julie Smith who is an authority on this subject as she is a
“clutter coach”!. 

I have received the following tip from a busy single lady 
(Christine) who has devised a alternative to spending every Saturday morning cleaning the
whole house.

With four rooms plus two bathrooms (and apparently a Truck) to
clean, she set herself the following schedule:-

Every MondayClean small
Every 2-3 days i.e. Tuesdays and
Clean Kitchen
Every 3-4 days
i.e. Wednesdays and Saturdays
Vacuum and Dust
Every ThursdayClean Big bathroom
Every SundayClean Truck
Every other SundayMop kitchen & bathroom floors

Obviously every lifestyle dictates different
priorities but, hopefully, this may help others to ease the pressure of housework.

If anyone else has thought of ways to make life easier, apart from
forgetting the cleaning altogether – please let us know on june@hintsandthings.co.uk .

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