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How to find the right leather cleaner to avoid damage.

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Finding the right
leather cleaner

Preserving the condition of leather
requires careful attention and suitable treatment. Through using a
highly recommended leather cleaner, you can achieve a fully restored
appearance, topped with a first class finish.

Understanding which leather
cleaner you require is of great importance.

Failing to use the appropriate
cleaning methods and products can more often than not, do more
damage than good. There are a number of deep leather cleaning
products available on the market, so to help you identify which
leather cleaner best suits your needs, we have come up with some
insightful pointers for your consideration:

someone cleaning leather furniture
  • Identify
    which type of leather you are cleaning
    . With various finishes,
    it’s important to know which leather treatment you require.
  • Read the label and product reviews
    before making your choice. Avoid high alkaline cleaning solutions,
    as well as all products containing solvents, silicones or oils as
    they are renowned for damaging the surface of the leather.
  • Make sure you use a leather
    cleaner which works on all colours of leather to prevent any
  • You should not use harsh chemical
    cleaning products containing ammonia, nor should you use any
    detergent soaps.
  • With any leather cleaner, it’s
    advised to always pre-test on a discreet area of the leather to
    ensure there is no damage or reaction from the cleaning product.
  • Even when using the right leather
    cleaner, prolonged exposure to the leather itself can damage the
    surface, so be cautious during application.
  • Use a non-abrasive and
    non-aggressive cleaner which gently works on cleaning the leather
    without damaging the surface.
  • Even though you may have found the
    right leather cleaner, the best solution to keep leather in top
    condition is to avoid any dirt or grime build up over a prolonged
    period of time.
  • Finding a
    pH neutral
    leather cleaner
    will ensure no damage is caused to the leather.
  • Using leather cleaner regularly
    helps prevent the build up of dirt and grime, helping you to keep
    your leather in good condition.

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