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Ironing Hell or Heaven? 

For some individuals, ironing can be a relaxing household task. But for others, ironing can be a real pain. If you're one of those people who don't care for ironing, it's helpful to know a few tips and tricks that can help you make the chore of ironing as efficient as possible. 
The first step is choosing the right iron for your needs.

Irons can range from cheap to expensive.

For most household needs, an iron in the middle range should be perfect.

You don't want to get the cheapest iron you can find, because the quality may not be there. However, who wants to spend a fortune for an iron?

 A little comparison shopping can help you find a happy medium. 

tableau of doll ironing

There are two basic types of irons:

Dry irons and Steam irons

Dry irons are basically obsolete these days, so let's move on to examine the features of different steam irons and how best to use them. 

Variable Steam: This feature is used to adjust the amount of steam used depending on the fabric being ironed. 

Spray Feature: This sprays clothing with a fine mist of water. This feature is a must for any steam iron as it is utilized in the ironing of all different fabrics. 

Variable Heat: All irons are going to feature basic low, medium and high settings. More advanced steam irons will offer more temperature options for efficient ironing. 

Cordless Irons: Some steam irons are cordless. For cordless steam irons, they are warmed every few minutes in their “charger.”

Steam Cleaning: Some steam irons allow you to use vertical steam which can work for steam cleaning clothes that are hanging up. 

ironing board and iron Now that you know more about some of the features of steam irons on the market today, you need to understand the accessories you will need and things you will need to know before ironing clothes. 

You will need an ironing board on which to place the clothing being ironed. Adjust your ironing board to provide maximum comfort for your height and allow you to iron without stooping or bending. 

Always make sure clothing is clean and dry before ironing them. And be sure to keep your iron out of the reach of children and never leave it unattended. 

If you have tried ironing your clothing yourself and have found it is simply not for you, there are professional ironing services you can utilize to take care of the task for you. Dry cleaners also often offer ironing services. You may even be able to pay a friend or swap chores with them to get your ironing completed without having to do it yourself. 







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