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How to take care of your furniture – lacquered and waxed finishes.


 How to Take Care of
your Furniture

Lacquered finish opposed to a waxed
finish: what are the real pros and cons?

Lacquered Finished Wood

For a lacquered finish the colour is
applied and a polyurethane top coat is also applied on top giving a glossy
or a semi matt finish.  Generally
it is a glossy finish, however it does depend on the colour chosen to
whether the finished piece is very shiny or not. 
The polyurethane top coat gives a hard protection to the furniture
and seals the wood, the wood can still breathe as it is only the outer
facing wood which is coated.  Lacquered
wood protects the wood from liquid penetration, hot cups, crayons,
although it is still advisable to use mats where possible and clean up
spills as soon as they happen.  Constant
water will wear down the lacquer, becoming dull and having a mottled

Lacquered wood can be wiped down with a
damp cloth if it gets dirty but it is advisably to dry off the wood after. 
It can be dusted with a soft cloth and polished with an everyday
spray polish.  Other polishes
or waxes can be used but generally it will not offer any more protection
than a general spray polish.

Waxed Finished Wood

A wax finish does
not have the same protection, the colour is applied in the same way
but it is then finished with a liquid wax. 
The wood is not sealed in anyway and can breathe and take on
the elements of its surroundings, such as smoke from an open fire. 
Rings will occur if mats are not used and spills will be
absorbed into the wood.  
wooden cupboard

Waxed wood needs periodical waxing
depending on what wear and tear it receives, a chest of drawers would
probably benefit from a monthly wax, whilst a table would benefit twice a
month.  This is not as labour
intensive as it sounds, only the top need be done with a clear wax and
following the instructions on the tin. 
If a coloured wax is applied the
colour will subtly change over time. 
Six to twelve month intervals it is wise to wax the whole piece. 
The wax soaks into to the wood keeping the wood hydrated and keeps
the colour sharp, if rewaxing was not adhered to the piece would fade and
possibly start to split in places.

As wax furniture does absorb dust particles
and grease from finger tips and such like, a
top tip is to wipe waxed furniture
over with baby wipes as they hold just
the right amount of moisture.  


Waxed furniture is easily restored if
damaged has occurred to the finish. There are several products on the
market to remove rings and marks.  They
will probably not remove these marks completely but they do a pretty good
job.  You can solely work on
the damaged area and not bother too much with the rest. 
You can also rub waxed furniture
down with either a very fine grade wire wool or sandpaper, working with
the grain and once satisfied that the mark is removed re wax with a colour
close or an exact match to the original piece.

wooden computer cupboard and deskLacquered furniture once
damaged is a little trickier to restore. 
You can use wax crayons in a similar colour available in good
hardware stores if a dent appears or chipped lacquer, the wax crayon
just needs to be rubbed over
the damage and they magically fill and repair the damage it is that
simply.  However, if the
lacquer has started to peel or split for some reason then complete
sanding down is required.  The
entire piece would need to be stripped as it is almost impossible to
patch lacquer.  However,
once stripped the choice is what colour and finish once more! If you
chose to have it re lacquered this is not a job for
DIY it will need to be done professionally.

Wooden furniture is a living piece so be
careful where you place it, not to close to heat sources and away from sun
light exposure.  Also the
temperature needs to be controlled as the furniture will expand and
contract in extreme temperatures. 

If you follow these guidelines your piece
of pine furniture will last a lifetime.


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