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How to calm the clutter.


to Calm the Clutter

by House of
Area Rugs

It’s amazing how quick things start to accumulate over time. Whether you
have children or you live alone, it’s easy to take up extra room for things.
Over time, the rooms in the house become more crowded and cluttered. If you
don’t do something about it soon, you will be overwhelmed with the clutter.
Just looking at the clutter can be upsetting and have a negative effect on
your mood in the room. Now it’s time to calm the clutter and feel good about
the room again. Here are some ways to de-clutter the room.

Call a family meeting together and let them know that you have a plan to get
rid of the clutter and you are going to need some help.

If they choose to
help you then they can have a say so as to what goes and what stays in their

If you have to do it on your own then you will have complete control
over what stays and what goes.


Everything has a place.

man carrying over full cardboard box
You may not see it now but this is very true.

You need to spend a few days
taking one room a day to put everything in its place. This is the best place
to start with de-cluttering. If you can’t find a place for something in the
room then create a “miscellaneous” place for those items. It can be a basket
or a container. Once you have spent days putting everything in its place you
will be able to get a grip on the clutter and begin to organize.

something doesn’t belong in the house anymore or if you can no longer wear
it or use it anymore then toss it and rid your home of it forever.

If things need to be stored, then spend a little money and purchase plastic
storage containers. These containers keep out the mildew smell as well as
moths that sometimes nest in piles of clothes. Write on the front and the
top of the container what is inside so you know at a glance and you don’t
need to spend countless hours going through each box to find one item.

Keep it going.

When you spent all your time ridding the clutter you hope that it was enough
of an inconvenience to keep the organization up every time you bring
something new into the house.

Everything that you bring into the house needs
to go directly to its proper place. A few more minutes of putting something
a way is not that much to ask and you will be glad you did it.

Remember to keep only the things that you need in each room. For example,
living room items need to stay in the living room. Bedroom items need to
stay in the bedroom. Family rooms should be for games and other things that
you can do together as a family.

lady carrying box of items

Once you are done in each room, give each room an instant face lift by adding area rugs. You have the room picked up and organized. You can spend tons of money painting the walls, redecorating the room or you can place modern rugs down to give an instant improvement to each room.

Organization will soon catch on and the entire family will be helping before
you know it. De-cluttering the home doesn’t cost you a thing but a little
bit of time. If you have little ones in the house, turn it into a game.