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Keeping windows and conservatory blinds clean; advice on how to clean window blinds.


Keeping window and conservatory blinds clean

Blinds have many
advantages over curtains but, if you’ve not had much prior
experience cleaning blinds it can feel a real hassle to keep them in
good condition.

Dirty blinds really impact how
clean and fresh a room appears, particularly if you have

conservatory blinds

which really dominate a conservatories decor.

To help avoid this problem, here
are some of the easiest and most effective blind cleaning

Cleaning whilst still hanging

As with many household cleaning tasks the best
strategy to keep your blinds clean is little and often, you can avoid the
time consuming and frequently fiddly ordeal of taking your blinds down to
wash by simply giving them a quick scrub every week or two.

If you have Venetian or vertical blinds the best way
to do this is to mix a solution of hand washing detergent and warm water,
then take a sponge soaked in the solution and fold it over the blind and
applying pressure with your thumb and finger drag it across the length of
each blind. With vertical blinds it is best to do this from top to bottom.
Once the blinds are clean, do the same again with a clean cloth and just
water to rinse off the soap. If the blinds are not made from fabric it can
be a good idea to complete the process a third time with a dry sponge or
towel to dry off the blinds and avoid smearing, or with metal blinds

Hard to clean dirt

If it’s been a while since the blinds were clean a
lot of dirt and dust is likely to have built up, in this instance you may
find the method above just pushes around the dirt and maybe even makes the
condition of the blinds appear worse. If this is the case you will likely
have to take the blinds down to clean them.

Some blinds are machine washable, and so the easiest
way to wash these is just like that in the washing machine. To stop the
blinds being damaged however it’s advisable to wash the blinds at a fairly
cool temperature. It is also a good idea to roll up the blinds and put them
in an old large sock, or if this isn’t big enough try a pillow case. This
will help prevent the blinds from fraying or damaged in the wash.

Hand wash or metal blinds

If the blinds aren’t machine washable and aren’t dry
clean only giving them a bath can be a very effective way of getting them
clean. This works particularly well with metal blinds. Fill your bath with
enough warm water to cover the blinds, mixed with some dish washer
detergent, leave the blinds to soak for a while as this alone will remove
much of the dirt.

Once the blinds have soaked for a while, wipe them
with a sponge, then drain and refill the bath with clean water to rinse.
Once the blinds are clean dry them. A tip to speed up drying fabric blinds
is to use a pair of hair straighteners on them – although
do test a small area first to make sure the blinds can
withstand the heat, and ensure the hair straighteners are safe to be used on
wet surfaces
. Once they are dry you can hang them back up and
enjoy how much cleaner your room now feels.

As with any
cleaning tips it is important to check the labels of your blinds as these
cleaning processes may not be suitable for all blinds.


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