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Free cross stitch chart for Christmas


We have been extremely lucky to
have had this cross stitch chart designed exclusively for Hints and Things by Sandy Riggs
of The Cross Stitch Niche. It is extremely versatile as it can be used in its entirety as
a Christmas card or picture or, alternatively, if you don’t have the time to undertake the
whole piece, each word, the candles and wreaths can be used separately.  The candles
and  wreaths could also be used to make ideal tree decorations.

Please note this chart can be printed and
enlarged but it for personal use only and should not be reproduced on
sites or for sale.

N.B. All charts are copyrighted 2000 Sandy Riggs and One Heart
Foundation.  All rights reserved. To be used for personal use only. (see notes below)



Sandy has also kindly given a guide as to materials to be
used, but these can of course be changed to suit your own requirements.  It may be
worth a mention to those not so familiar with this craft that the larger the
“count” of fabric the smaller the end result.  e.g. 11 count = 6″ x
7″ but 22 count would = 3″ x 3.5″

Copyright information:
  • You may print the charts and use them for your
    own personal use, and may copy them for other people.

  • However, they may NOT be sold or kitted.

  • Please do not use these charts to put on your
    own web page and DO NOT link to each chart using their server.

  • You may provide a direct link to The Country
    Cottage Cross Stitch Niche pages so your readers can utilize the charts too.