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How to put on and wear a kilt and how to correctly tie laces on ghillie brogues.




for Men

First – and most importantly – the kilt is worn
much higher than a pair of trousers or jeans. It is worn level with the
belly button. Length should fall on the centre of the knee.

Putting on the kilt

1. Lay out
the kilt pleats to the back

laying out pleats on kilt


2. Pull
round under apron right to left and pass strap through the hole and

doing up belt on kilt


3. Wrap
top apron left to right over right hip.

how to wrap top apron of kilt over hip


4. Strap
to the buckle.

strap to buckle on kilt


5. Adjust
top edge to fall together.


6. The
broad belt and buckle should be threaded through the belt loops at the
back and fastened tightly level with the top edge of the kilt.


how to insert buckle into back loops on kilt


strap for the sporran may be fastened through the belt loops, but it is
usually better to position it on top of the back of the kilt, permitting
the sporran to fall approximately 5cms below the belt buckle.

8. Kilt
hose is worn folded  4-5 cms
below the  kneecap.

9. Flashes
are placed on the outside of the leg with a sock fold covering the

your shoes. Cross the laces of your brogues and pull into a knot. Twist
the laces three times and tighten to create a thong. Draw the laces
behind the back of the ankle, return to the front and tie a bow. Allow
laces and toggles to hang to the front.

how to tie shoes correctly when wearing a kilt


Kilt Jackets

For normal daywear
e.g. Attending church, a Harris
Tweed jacket or similar would generally be worn in a plain or muted

However, for dress occasions, such as weddings or
evening events, a more formal jacket such as a Prince Charlie or Argyle
would be worn. These may be in colours such a navy or green, but black
retains the most impact.

These formal events are accessorised with dinner
shirts with either a wing or standard collars and bow ties.



It is becoming increasingly popular to wear a kilt
for dances and events that do not require the formality of a jacket.

A ghillie shirt is ideal for wearing with a kilt. A
white shirt with bat-wing sleeves and laced at the front combines the
drama of the kilt with the fun of dancing.