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How to make a room dual-functional.


How to Make Your Rooms Dual-Functional


Space is always at an optimum and with
room sizes gradually shrinking you need to make the most out of the
space you have by using one room for dual purposes, such as a bedroom
which also functions as a home office.

The key to combining areas is
in choosing versatile furniture, the furniture needs to look as
elegant as the furniture being used elsewhere in the room to
ensure a smooth flow throughout the space. 

If combining office furniture
bedroom furniture, then the key is too matching the wood or
finish.  Another great solution is to create space for the
office within a wardrobe which is the ultimate in space saving
and dual living.

single bed in white room

If you already have fitted wardrobes,
you may already have a one area of the wardrobe dedicated to shelving,
such as the types of modular wardrobes to be found nowadays.  By
utilising this shelving you can create an office space which remains
hidden until needed.  You can add downlighting on the overhead plinth of
the wardrobe and add a pull out shelf to rest a keyboard on.  Plus with
the shelves you already have, there is already an inbuilt storage system
for files and paperwork.  If adapting your own wardrobe you can also
take out the lower shelf for leg room, plus a fold-up chair can easily
be placed in the space when not in use.

white sofaIf you are considering
dividing your room, there are many options to choose from, there
is the option of Venetian blinds and sliding panels and of
course the room-dividing bookcases which are now available are a
great option, providing storage and functionality alongside
modern design. 

a room does not have to be permanent, with the venetian blinds,
these can be pulled down when the area is in use. 

If you are short on space for
accommodating guests, you could consider using temporary panel blinds to
create a restful guest room.

The colour scheme of a room can also
create the sense of space and furniture and accessories that also match
and compliment the wall colours will make them look less bulky and
glaringly obvious.  You need to also consider the lighting, soft pools
of light will give emphasis rooms needing a warm feel and for bedrooms a
bedside lamps will create the cosy feel, rather than a home office.

Incorporating duality is about thinking
a little outside the box and thinking about the storage space you
already have and the functionality of an area.  Even if it is a small
space under the stairs, ask yourself if there is room for a desk there
or even a cosy chair, a small table and a reading lamp for those who
want a quiet spot.  With a little planning a lot can be achieved with
the space and the furniture you already have.

Article from a former online supplier