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Pocket sprung mattress or memory foam mattress? Which is best?


Pocket sprung or memory foam?

Mattresses that are
very firm may have between 3000 and 3500 springs and these are generally
meant for orthopaedic purposes. In the conventional open coil system
employed in many mattresses, you may find that the way the springs are
linked leads to springs at the far end of the mattress moving when
pressure is applied on the near end springs. This results in an awkward
bouncing feeling each time your partner moves – and that can be pretty

Since the newer
types of mattresses have become more affordable to everyone, its a good
idea to review the latest developments and the benefits they may bring. 

Pocket Sprung 

That is where the

pocket sprung mattress
 is useful. The technology used in
this type of mattress ensures that the individual springs on the
mattress follow the natural curves of the person’s body, thereby
enabling adequate support and comfort.

pocket sprung mattressNone of the
springs are linked and there is no roll-together or rebound

Thus, as compared to the conventional spring
mechanism where springs are interwoven, pocket springs are
independently placed and have the luxury of better freedom.

As you move,
the springs move with you and only those in contact with the
body are impacted, leaving others by themselves.

Tests have proven
that pocket sprung mattresses reduce body strain as compared to
conventional mattresses, as they adhere to the shape of the body. The
natural alignment of the spine is not compromised and body weight is
evenly distributed. The various support zones provided in the mattress
ensure that relevant body portions are accorded the right support, with
special emphasis on the spine and lower lumbar region. 

Memory Foam

The next development
in mattress technology is memory foam, or latex.

advantage with memory foam material is that when pressure is
applied, the cells of the foam distribute air pressure quickly
and will therefore not come back to its original position in a
hurry. This leads to better comfort when you lie down on such
mattresses as the pressure on body pressure points is reduced.

The second
benefit is the total lack of rebound when your partner moves,
much like the pocket sprung mattress, you might not even be able
to tell that there is somebody else in the bed.  

memory foam mattress

Do check out the
pocket sprung mattress at a store near you and while you are
at it, you may also test a memory foam mattress as well to find out
which is more comfortable.

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