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Top Tips for Keeping Warm – things you can do to help keep warm in colder weather.


Top Tips for Keeping

Living in Britain certainly means we are all
used to dealing with the cold weather. When the windy, rainy and icy
conditions start to become more commonplace, it is essential that we
start to consider how we equip ourselves for colder weather

boy in dressing gown and drinking hot drink The cold can have a strong impact on the
health of people of all ages, with most people exhibiting cold
and flu-like symptoms at some point, but it can be particularly
dangerous for people over the age of 65 who struggle more than
most to retain a healthy body temperature.

It is therefore important that you look
after yourself and keep an eye out for others who may be more
susceptible to the colder conditions.

According to

around 25,000 older people died in each of the previous 3 years as a
result of health problems associated to the cold weather. What is worst
is that most of these deaths could have been prevented if they had
simply kept warm.

Here are some top tips of keeping warm
as the winter weather draws in:

Put the heating on

Don’t be scared off by the cost of heating. If the weather is cold then
turn your heating on. At the end of the day it isn’t worth risking your
long-term health for the sake of a few pounds.

If you are worried about high
gas bills and you have an older boiler model it may be worth
considering moving towards a more modern high efficiency boiler,
as this could reduce your monthly heating bills by up to 30% in
some cases.

Shop around
online for one of the many
cheap boilers

available at lower prices.

It is also recommended that you have your boiler serviced
annually to ensure it is working as expected and safely.

If your heating fails to work
during a time of cold weather get a heating engineer out
immediately to try and fix it and make sure you have somewhere
to stay for the duration it takes to fix it.

old fashioned log burner with teapot on top

Feed a cold…

Make sure that you continue to
eat meals at regular intervals throughout the day. This is particularly
important during colder weather as your body will need to fuel
itself to keep you warm.

To be honest there isn’t much better than a nice warm bowl of soup
in the cold weather, so take advantage of it!

Layer up

Don’t try and stave off the
cold for longer than necessary. It sounds simple but many people try and
embrace the cold weather rather than adapt to it.

Make sure you dress appropriately for the
weather as once you catch a cold they can be tough to shake off. Try
wearing multiple layers of clothing or wrapping up in a nice woolly
jumper or fleece. Always make sure you wear a coat and appropriate
footwear if venturing out in the rain and consider using a blanket in
the evening for that extra level of warmth.

Insulate your home

If you are paying to have your
heating on then it makes sense to maximise that warmth. Make sure that
your home is appropriately insulated so that the heat doesn’t escape.

Keep windows shut and shut curtains so
that you avoid nasty draughts of cold air. If you have a conservatory
then it is also worth considering investing in some blinds that will
contribute towards keeping the warmth in your home. Consider keeping
doors shut if there are rooms that seem to particularly feel the cold
over others.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Probably the most important tip I have listed here. It is vital that if
you need any help that you speak to those around you. Your friends and
family will no doubt be more than happy to assist you, whether it be
dropping off shopping in cold weather or assisting you with any basic
central heating queries you may have.

It’s also worth keeping an eye on others that you think may need support
to. A phone call now and then to check that vulnerable people are doing
over in the colder weather can go a long way and in some cases save