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Top Ten Girly Holiday Tips


Yes, it’s slightly frivolous, bordering on sexist and a touch too sensible – but we bet there’s at least one tip here that you’ll thank us for. Especially the one about keeping your makeup in the fridge…

Don’t check your brain in with your baggage – stay sharp this holiday with some tried and tested tips for top travel: ease that mushy make-up madness, give yourself an in-flight facial and arrive ready to take on anything!

1  Take a separate bag full of your essential make-up items in your hand luggage. You don’t want to be stranded at Majorca airport with no mascara, now do you? Tip: be sure to check the airline hand luggage rules before you travel as there may be restrictions on what you can take!

Wrap any delicate fabrics – such as silk dresses etc in tissue paper before packing – it will stop them creasing.
3 Roll don’t fold – the creases will drop out more easily.
woman sitting on suitcase

4  Hang up creased clothes in the bathroom – when you take a hot shower, the steam will get rid of any remaining creases.  

If you don’t have time to take a shower hang the item and repeatedly pass a hair dryer over the creased area (as close to the fabric as you can without touching it)  keeping the dryer moving.  This works very well on finer fabrics.

5  Keep your make up in the fridge to avoid lipsticks and eyeliners melting in the heat.

6  Invest in a good fake tan – the type that washes off so that you don’t look too white on your first couple of nights out.

7  Remember to put suntan lotion in all the places you usually forget – top of feet, parting in your hair and your ears.
8 Wear sunbed goggles on the beach to protect your eyes – they won’t leave big white panda eyes like sunglasses sometimes do.
lady in bikini sitting on beach towel under closed parasol

9  Ask for samples at the cosmetic counters of large department stores and, hey presto, instant traveller’s beauty kit!

10 Keep clothing simple – invest in a good sarong – you’ll find it invaluable.