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Interesting item on the affect of mercury on gold.

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Some months ago, Viccy
contacted me with the following story –

“I thought you might be
interested to hear of something that happened to me last Sunday
afternoon.  Cleaning a cup board out, I noticed my 40 year old
gold wedding ring had turned a very shiny silver colour !

I took it off [with a struggled – my
fingers are not as slim as they were !!  The same goes for the
rest of me !!]  It was an even silver colour, inside and out. 
It was quite attractive but it did not look like my wedding ring.

My family recommended I take it
to a jewellers to see what they could do/suggest.

jeweller looking at a ring through and eye loopMonday morning saw
me at the local jewellers.  The first gentleman I spoke
to was thoroughly puzzled – I’m not sure he believed me until
he looked at the hallmark [22 carat gold]. 

Fortunately a lady came back
from her break and recognised the ‘problem’.  I had broken a
thermometer and the mercury had ‘bonded’ with the gold of my ring. 
[This proves that it is actually a gold ring !!!]  I had seen
nothing come out of the thermometer.

Anyway, 2 days and £10 later I have
a beautiful, shiny, new looking, gold wedding ring.

Incidentally, mercury can cause
permanent damage to a gold item if left in contact for too long  AND it can cause mercury poisoning.”