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Courtesy of www.guidesforbrides.co.uk

For a lot of ladies their wedding day is one of the most important in their life although this can be for varying reasons.  For some it is just getting the final commitment from their partner whilst for others it is the pomp and ceremony of the day itself.

The proposal is just the start of things - but where do you go from there?

Here are some of the questions you may be asking yourself -

Ok, he has proposed. Now what?! 

Where do I start getting ideas?

bride and groom in heart, kissing
  • What are your favourite things? 
  • Do you prefer summer or winter?
  • What are your favourite colours?
  • Do you and your hubby-to-be have a special song? 
  • Do you share the same choice in style- country romantic, modern & urban, hippy chic?
  • You can use any of these things to spark inspiration for your big day!


single red rose

As a child I dreamt of the stereotypical white wedding but am a little concerned as to how to add colour. 

My mother thinks that having everything white will look too bland.

  • An all white wedding can be extremely stunning. 


  • If you are including young Page Boys and/or Bridesmaids, be aware of the obsession small children tend to have with dirt; grass and mud and of course food when eating! 


  • If holding the wedding in the summer, be careful off brilliant whites and hints of blue as this can appear cold.


  • Don't be afraid to add a splash of colour. Colour trends will vary according to seasons. A majority of colour choices are dictated by the choice in flowers available at that time.
  • For spring weddings, fresh colours such as pinks and greens are most commonly used. 


  • The summer offers a plethora of radiant blossoms, yellow being a popular choice, but really with hundreds of different flowers in bloom, you can pretty much any colour! 


  • Autumnal weddings are the perfect excuse to use the deep red/brown tones, found in the leaves on the trees. The burnt orange colour associated to pumpkins and fireworks; Halloween and Bonfire Night; add to glow of the season. 


  • The ideal winter wedding would see snow gently falling, however if you are not so lucky to get the weather you desire on the day, use wintery items such as fake fur and pretend icicles. A shock of reds looks good to warm white winter weddings.


  • To emphasise the white in your outfits, use colour sparingly - Bridesmaids dresses and waistcoats for the gents, add colour with your earrings and bouquet. Colour the venue by using the majority of white - with balloons, table linens and other decorations, with a few coloured hints - such as napkins and floral displays.


Help! I’ve had the lovely diamond ring, and got very excited, now I can believe how much there is to do in preparation. 

There is no way we can afford a Co-ordinator, and I’m trying to keep our mothers out of it for fear of them taking over….. 

How do I get my fiancé to help me? He seems to think he has bought the ring and there his duties end!

ring with large rectangular stone
  • Getting your fiancé to help can be easier than you think. Assign him tasks that he would have a natural interest in – such as organising the transport, music or the photographer. If you are slightly uncertain of his choices, draw up a short list and ask him to call for quotes, thus taking the laborious tasks from you, but not letting him make any decisions! 

  • Ask him directly for his help, let him know you need him, and write down all that needs to be done so he knows how much you have to do.


  • Unless he is a true “New Man”, some areas will be no-go, such as choosing favours, decorations or Bridesmaids dresses, this is when you call in your friends, or the mothers, for vital assistance!


  • Do ensure, for both your sakes, that you do set aside time for yourselves. Sometimes, even your girlfriends can get overwhelmed by too much wedding!! Do something spontaneous, go see a film, have a picnic in the park. Don’t loose track of why you are getting married to each other in the first place!


  • You should, however, find that once you break up the tasks into smaller easily achieved tasks that it won't seem so daunting. Set a timetable to see what really needs doing, and when, to see how much of an issue it will be. 

  • Your boss may be prepared to give you some additional unpaid leave, rather than see you struggle to fit in everything at the weekends. 


  • Asking your Mum to help with small favours will please her and involve her, just ensure she knows that it is your wedding and not hers. Also approach trusted friends to help you - planning your wedding should be an enjoyable time, not a period of suffering!  

How do I start choosing my dream dress?

  • This is your chance to receive the full “Trinny and Susannah” treatment. Most of us don’t regularly wear full length ivory dresses, so you can’t be expected to know what might suit you.


  • Take plenty of advice from the professionals and try on a range of styles. Your dress designer, or boutique assistant, will be able to advise you on the best type of gown to suit your body shape, your personality and the style of the wedding. 


  • Although most brides tend to take along a friend that they trust to be totally honest about how a dress looks (particularly from that crucial back view), the assistant should, if asked, be prepared to give a really honest opinion even if it might cause offence!


  • Look through magazines for inspiration, and take along any drawings or photographs to enable you to show the assistant what you are looking for. She should be able to find something similar and aid you in your quest for your dream dress.


  • Always make an appointment if you are wanting to try on gowns. The boutique assistants will want to give you their full attention, to help you in and out of dresses and offer advice on the fit, which they are unable to do in a busy changing room. Saturdays are usually the busiest days, and you may find that you need to make your appointment well in advance.
  • For more advice on every aspect of your big day, from Choosing Your Dress to Money Saving Tips, visit www.guidesforbrides.co.uk where you can also find an online database of over 35,000 Wedding Suppliers!






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