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by Alyssa Davis

Need some ideas for decorating and furnishing a guest room? It is important that the temporary accommodation for your guests be comfortable, clean, and practically furnished. When decorating your guest room, think about what you like to see and the amenities you like to have when you stay away from home. Also keep in mind who your most frequent visitor(s) will most likely be. 

Decorate with a neutral style. Avoid leaning toward a strong style like country or art deco, or having the room look too feminine. Your guests may not share your tastes in interior decoration. Go for neutral colors, which are pleasing to the eye. You can also try decorating in different shades of a color of your choice. Blues, greens, and greys are relaxing and are popular colors for bedroom furnishings.

Have space for luggage and personal items. A chest at the foot of the bed or a chair at the side of the room can serve as a surface for your guests to rest their bags. 

Clear the bedside table, a drawer or two, or the top of a dresser so that guests have a place for their personal effects like their jewelry, cell phone, and purse.

Weed out clutter. Keep the room welcoming by leaving out what your guests wouldn’t need. By all means accessorize the room to add color and interest, but don’t overdo it. A simple and clean environment appeals to everyone when they are in an unfamiliar setting.

bedside table, lamp and clock radio in front of window

floral arm chair Include a place to relax. Place a comfy chair in the room where your guests can put their feet up and relax. Some guests prefer not to sit on the bed, and need a place where they can read, talk on the phone, or plan the day’s activities. 

Remember to include a reading lamp in the space as well. As for other lighting, a night light may be helpful for guests to find their way to the bathroom in the dark.

Provide adequate space for clothing. To help your guests keep their room organized and their clothes pressed and clean, provide space for hanging clothes. If a small wardrobe is too much of an expense, consider getting a portable, soft-sided wardrobe with enough hangers for coats, jackets, and other clothing. 

An over-the-door organizer with multiple hooks is another good item to include in your guest room.

dress and trousers on hangers

Supply simple basics. An alarm clock, radio, tissue box, and notepad are some of the things that guests appreciate having in their home away from home. 

Extra pillows and blankets kept close at hand in the wardrobe or in a chest are a nice touch.

Additionally, make sure that your guest bathroom is well-stocked with toiletries, a hair dryer, and towels.

basket full of hearts

Add a basket of goodies. Your guests will feel well taken care of when they see the basket of extras that you have thoughtfully prepared for them. 

A bottle of water, a couple of snack bars and fresh fruit, a scented candle and matches, and a favorite magazine are some items you can include.



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