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Information reproduced by kind permission of the

National Community Fire Safety Centre

In order to answer this accurately, there are some important questions you should ask yourself:-


  • Have you fitted a smoke alarm and are you sure it's in working order?
  • How good are your electrics?
  • Is your upholstered furniture fire-resistant?
  • Is your kitchen a fire-safe place to be? Is your cooker clear of inflammable objects and the toaster clean and away from curtains?
  • Has your chimney been swept?
  • If you have an electric blanket, is it damaged?
  • How good is your ventilation?
  • Have you got an extinguisher or fire blanket?


For more information on all these items and every other aspect of fire safety please visit the UK Government official site of https://firekills.campaign.gov.uk/ .  It could turn out to the be best thing you have ever done.


Most house fires start in the kitchen and the main cause is unattended cooking so when you are cooking 'stand by your pan'.

To stay safe in your kitchen -

DON'T be distracted - take pans off the heat if you are called away from the kitchen.

DON'T cook if you are tired or if you have been drinking.  If you are hungry have something that doesn't need to be cooked.

ALWAYS check you have turned off appliances when you have finished cooking.

KEEP APPLIANCES CLEAN - a build up of fat and bits of food can start a fire.

CHECK YOUR TOASTER is clean, away from curtains and regularly empty the crumb tray.

DON'T put oven gloves or tea towels down on to the hot cooker after you have used them (even if the oven/hob has been turned off).

DON'T put anything containing metal in the microwave.

NEVER fill a chip pan more than one-third full of oil.

If a pan catches fire DON'T move it - the pan will be extremely hot.  Turn off the heat IF it is safe to do so but NEVER lean over a pan to reach the controls.

NEVER use water on chip pan fires as this will cause a fireball.

If you do have a fire in the kitchen (or elsewhere for that matter) DON'T take any risks - get everyone out of your home and call the emergency services.




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