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  • Save the pictures from old Christmas cards and using an old pair of
    pinking shears (make sure it is an old pair as this will make them blunt), cut out
    interesting shapes and use as gift tags.

  • Wash foil milk bottle tops and shape into bells, put string through
    top and use as decorations. 

    For our American visitors,
    in the U.K. some people still have milk delivered in glass bottles with foil tops
    although this is now rapidly dying out but you can
    also use foil from “take-away” meals, freezer cartons etc.  Please be
    careful as the edges can be very sharp.

Thanks to Margaret Reeve for

  • Make a silver ball decoration by taking eight
    shallow foil dishes (all the same size).  Fold in the edges of each so that the base
    forms a triangle.  Staple one side of each dish (i.e. one side of the triangle) to
    one side of another, until all eight are joined in a ball.  Thread a cord through a
    hole in the top.
  • Drinking straw star – Press the
    centres of
    eight coloured straws onto a drawing pin and spread out the arms evenly to form a star
    shape.  Weave gold, silver, or coloured wrapping string under and over the arms to
    make a central disc (ribbons, wool, silks can also be used).  Hang up by a cotton
    fitted to one of the straw arms.
  • Take a shallow foil dish or paper plate, pierce four holes about 5
    cms (2ins) apart, in the centre (a bit like a button).  Thread wire, string or
    elastic joining two of the holes together to form two loops.  Insert sprigs of holly,
    greenery, tinsel etc., through the loops to make a wall plaque decoration.
  • Make paper baskets from old christmas cards by –
  • cutting cards into nine 1/2″ x 8ins. (13mm x 200mm) strips and
    one 1/2″ x 11in (13mm x 280mm) – two smaller strips can be joined to make this longer

  • Fold each strip horizontally in order to find the middle.

  • Form an eight pronged star by crossing each strip over each other,
    gluing them together at the central point making sure the coloured side is facing down in
    each case. Put a weight on the central point until glue dries.

  • When the glue has dried, cup the star in your hands by bending the
    ends towards each other (to form a cup shape).

  • Stick the remaining short strip around the outside of the top edge,
    securing each strip with a paper clip until the glue has dried.

  • Stick the longer strip to form a handle and let the glue dry.

This basket can be filled with tiny gifts, sweets, holly, nuts etc. before hanging on the

  • To make decorative place mats:-
  • Use a glass, cup or compass to draw 28 circles, each about 3 1/2 ins.
    (90mm) diameter, on the front of the cards. 

  • Cut them out. 

  • Take a piece of clear sticky back plastic film approximately 13 in. x
    18 in. (330mm x 460 mm) and with the sticky side up, overlap 16 to 18
    cut-outs to form the
    outline of an oval. 

  • Fill in the centre of the oval with the remaining
  • Take another piece of clear film of the same size, this time with the
    sticky side facing downwards and place carefully on top of the cards, smoothing from the
    middle out to the edges.
  • With sharp scissors, trim away the excess adhesive plastic sheets
    (both top and bottoms sheets together).
  • Make an unusual and effective table centre piece by
    frosting fruit. When fruit is dry, arrange on a cake stand and decorate with baubles and

Method – Dip whole fruit in beaten egg
white then into spice flavoured sugar (1 teaspoon of spice to 2oz/57 g of sugar) and leave
to dry.  Suitable spices include Ground Cinnamon, Nutmeg or Mixed Spice but mix and
match for variety.

  • An alternative
    table centre piece can be made by
    putting some water into a shallow dish and then floating some small candles and flower
    heads on the water – simple but very effective.
  • Hang on Christmas tree, they reflect the light (small ones are


  • Thread ribbon through the centre and tie a
    nice bow in holiday colours and hang on your christmas tree.  This makes a nice
    project for the little ones and they reflect the light nicely.

Stephanie Sirois
– thank you

  • Purchase a small resin
    figurine and glue it to the centre of the CD.  It will appear to be skating on the

  • Drill a hole in the top side
    of the CD.  Glue a recent picture of your child onto the CD.  Take rick-rack,
    lace or glitter flue and go around the raw edge of the picture.  Hang on tree with
    green dental floss.

  • Purchase a small nativity
    scene.  Take 2 CDs and connect them with a small hinge.  This will reflect the
    scene from bottom and back.

Thanks to Siren


cardboard tubes for storing tinsel, garland, or
Christmas lights. 

Strands of
lights or garlands can be wrapped around the tubes to
keep them untangled until required again. Cut a slit at
both ends of the tube, place the end of the decorations
through one slit, wind around the tube and finish by
sliding the decoration through the slit in the other
end. Put the tube into a plastic bag, seal tightly and
store carefully.



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