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Creative ways to store Christmas decorations



by Alyssa Davis

Holiday decorations add to the
festivity of Christmas and New Year’s, but they have to go somewhere
when the holiday season is over. Here are some ways to store your
decorations away safely and neatly so you will have no trouble bringing
them out to adorn your home again next year.

Storage bins and boxes: Large
plastic bins and cardboard boxes are good for storing your larger
decorations like the Christmas tree, tree stand, and wreaths. 

storage bins that have lids and are stackable, and make sure your
cardboard boxes are sturdy and clean. Boxes that are damaged or stained
may not hold up for very long. Using plastic bags may bend or disfigure
the shape of the decorations.

lady packing away items in a cardboard box

Label each storage bin and box clearly
and in detail, on more than one side of the container. The last thing
you want to do come next year is to open and sort through several boxes
looking for a specific decorative item. 

A great way to store your large
boxes and save space is to use shelving mounted from the ceiling of your
garage. Tucked away neatly overhead, you will know they are secure till
the holiday season comes round again.

Paper tubes: Save your cardboard
wrapping paper tubes for storing tinsel, garland, or Christmas lights. 

Wrapping these long strands of lights or garland around the tubes will
help to keep them untangled and in good shape for future use. You can
cut a slit at both ends of the tube, place the end of the strand of
decorations through one slit, wrap the strand around the tube, and
finish by sliding the strand through the slit in the other end. 

them in plastic bags to preserve them and store on top of boxes or under
the bed where they won’t get damaged.

Smaller boxes and tissue paper:
Holiday centerpieces and ornaments that are more fragile should be
wrapped and stored in smaller boxes. 

lady unpacking cardboard box They can also be placed in
compartmentalized boxes and padded with crumpled newspaper or tissue

Bubble wrap may be needed for valuable, easily breakable items. 

You can create a compartmentalized box by sectioning off areas with
sturdy cardboard, or use an egg carton for small ornaments. 

Group the
fragile items together and store in a place where the boxes won’t get
crushed, like under the bed or on top of other heavier storage boxes.

Plastic or cloth sheets: Some
large holiday decorations like Christmas trees and outdoor displays will
not fit into a box or you may prefer to store them unboxed if you have
the space in a garage or spare room. Cover these items with an old
sheet, tarp, or recycled dry cleaning bags to protect them from getting
dusty or faded.

Storage tips: To keep your
decorations in good shape for as long as they would last, make sure the
storage area is dry and cool. Moisture tends to rot fabric decorations
and high temperatures can cause some items like candles to lose their

You may want to seal your storage containers with duct tape and
place pest pellets to keep insects and small rodents away.

cartoon cardboard box with arms and legs