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Christmas Decorating Tips 

5 Ideas

To Transform Your Home

This Christmas


elf putting star on top of christmas tree

Christmas is fast approaching and it’s that time of year where we all go a bit mad decorating our homes to bring some festive cheer to the long winter nights.  Putting up the Christmas decorations is an annual ritual that can be a lot of fun and brings all the family together – especially if you’ve got children.  Kids love to help out decorating the tree, whilst getting all excited about the magical promise of the big day.  If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are some handy tips and ideas to help you introduce seasonal warmth and Christmas spirit into your home décor. 

1      Choose your tree!  A Christmas tree is the centerpiece of your holiday décor and really adds to the ambiance. 

Artificial Christmas trees have a number of advantages over natural ones.  They are considered better for the environment, as they can be reused year after year.  They don’t shed messy needles onto your floor, and don’t require watering.  There are also no problems transporting an artificial tree or getting it stuck in a narrow doorway, as artificial trees are designed to fold up compactly for easy storage. 

Christmas trees come in a variety of sizes – choose the best position for your tree, somewhere where it’s not going to be in the way or get walked into, and select the size according to the space available.  Then decide whether you want an unlit tree, which gives you the freedom to decorate it how you like, or a prelit tree. 

Prelit Christmas trees come ready-strung with clear or colored lights – saving you the hassle of untangling last year’s lights.

2       Hang wreaths but don’t just focus on your front door.  Christmas wreaths can instantly add festive cheer to any room.  For example, you could try hanging a wreath in a window, in your hallway or landing, on a kitchen cupboard or even on the bathroom door!

    Garlands are another easy decorating idea and can be strewn anywhere you like throughout your home - be creative!  Ideas include wrapping garlands around banisters or curtain rails, or draping them over picture frames, shelves, clocks and mantelpieces.  You could even hang a garland on the headboard of your bed.  Have a look round your home and you’re sure to spot some places that could be livened up with a garland!

4        Lights are not just for the tree.  Strings of Christmas lights can be strung up inside your windows to add sparkle to your whole neighbourhood and create a welcoming impression for visitors.  You could also hang lights along the tops of walls or along shelves.  Twinkling lights add a magical touch to your décor and can look really pretty on a dark winter’s day.

5     Add scent.  Our sense of smell is very powerful and Christmassy aromas can evoke wonderful happy memories and a feeling of contentedness.  Lay out decorative bowls of potpourri and candles scented with cinnamon, orange, nutmeg or ginger.  Or keep the kids occupied with making pomanders – oranges covered in cloves.  Bake mince pies and make mulled wine to produce a lovely enticing aroma to welcome your guests.

elderly lady and Father Christmas decorating tree Your Christmas décor will be unique and is a special part of your family’s Christmas, so enjoy the whole experience of decorating your home as much as you enjoy the rest of the holiday season.


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