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by Alyssa Davis

With Christmas around the corner, you may be looking for a way to give your home an extra boost of style and elegance. Take the décor of your home up a notch by creating window treatments that give a polished finish to a room. You don’t have to use a sewing machine or even a needle and thread for any of these no-sew treatments. They are an inexpensive and easy way to brighten your home for the holidays.

No Sew Curtains 

 tablecloth Using a bed sheet or tablecloth: An extra tablecloth lying in your closet or a pretty bed sheet bought at the discount store can be turned into a single curtain panel. 

The advantage of using a tablecloth or sheet is that the edges are already hemmed and they are usually the right length for an average window.

If the cloth is too long, it can be folded over the top of the curtain rod to create a valance. 

Plain white bed sheets can be decorated with bands of velvet, satin, or gauzy ribbon to give them an expensive look. Simply attach them to the cloth with washable fabric glue.

Using fabric: Purchasing a yard of fabric gives you more choices with patterns and material. You may want a lightweight fabric with delicate metallic print, or more ornate brocade. 

Finish the edges of your material by using edging or hem tape that can be ironed in place. You can also add a satin ribbon border to the fabric with the iron-on hem tape.

Hanging up your no sews curtains: There are a couple of ways to go about attaching your no sew window treatments to the curtain rod above your window. 

Drapery clips are very easy to use and can be found at home furnishings stores. A drapery clip consists of a clip attached to a ring that can be hung from the rod. Hang up the curtain panels with several of these clips spaced equally apart to distribute the weight evenly. 

Another option is to use grommets through the top of the curtain and slide the rod through. Grommets require a hammer or mallet to fix them in place, after you have made slits in the sheet at the proper intervals.

Finishing touches: Your room should already be looking more polished and attractive once your no sew treatments are over your window. 

To make your window treatments look more festive, gather them and tie with a brightly-colored ribbon or wrap a decorative garland around. 

curtains/drapes with tie backs

No Sew Valance

A window valance is another window treatment that lends a touch of class to your décor. 

A scarf with fringed ends works well as a valance when draped across the top of the window through curtain rings at the two ends. 

square tablecloth folded in half to make a triangle

A lightweight, square tablecloth, perhaps with lace or embroidered trim, can be used as a valance as well. 

Fold the tablecloth diagonally so that it forms a triangle, and drape it over the curtain rod. To secure it in place, pin the edges together in a couple of places. Alternatively, you can attach the valance directly onto the window frame with drapery tacks or upholstery tacks.





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